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David Haye vs Shannon Briggs on tap? Why it intrigues

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Forty-four year old former belt-holder Shannon Briggs (59-6-1, 52 KOs) just may get the high-profile bout he's been yearning for.

No, it's not a title fight with Wladimir Klitschko, Deontay Wilder or Tyson Fury BUT the opponent is a big name and a win would certainly put him directly in-line for a crack at a share of the heavyweight belt.

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According to David Haye (27-2, 25 KO), Briggs is one of several possible opponents for the former's next fight on May 21 in London.

“There’s about four people in the pipeline at the moment,” Haye told IFL TV.

When queried about Shannon Briggs as a potential candidate, Haye mysteriously smiled and said, “Maybe.”

Will the explosive David Haye's next fight be against Shannon Briggs?

Known for his devastating punching power which has earned him 33 first round knockouts (the most number for any heavyweight belt-holder), Briggs is 8-0 with 6 KOs on his comeback.

So who cares if he's 44. A fighter
of Briggs' pedigree with that kind of punching power would pose a formidable threat at 94.

And given Shannon Briggs is a well-known, former champion who has been generating a lot of buzz since he launched his comeback in April 2014, he may be an attractive option for the charismatic Haye who is looking to place himself in title contention as well.

Also, considering their bombastic personas outside the ring and their punching power inside it, Haye vs Briggs would be a box office smash.

Will they risk it all by fighting each other in May?

Why Haye vs Briggs intrigues

Although Shannon would be the clear underdog, he still possesses crippling power and, as a result, has a 'puncher's chance' against any heavyweight. Power is the last thing to leave an aging fighter. Moreover, and at this moment, Haye's ability to absorb punishment is questionable. Hence, David doesn't get whacked often.

... But we know Shannon has a great chin, something that may serve him well against the explosive, much quicker 'Hayemaker.'

As for Haye, Briggs, past his prime or not, would give him tremendous momentum on his comeback should he win.

Like him or not, Shannon has successfully thrusted himself into the limelight by publicly stalking and taunting Wladimir Klitschko in 2014 and 2015, and has drawn the eyes and ears of the boxing world with his antics and popular 'Let's Go Champ' comeback theme.

To casual fans he may look like nothing more than a hard-punching brute in the ring but Briggs has excellent technical skills and is the beneficiary of a strong amateur pedigree.

Moreover, how many of today's heavyweights can say they have shared the ring with the likes of George Foreman, Lennox Lewis, Frans Botha and Vitali Klitschko?

Combine his poise with his strength, punching power and vast amateur and professional experience, and a focused, disciplined, well-conditioned Briggs could spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E for any heavyweight, including David Haye.

What are your thoughts on a potential Haye vs Briggs showdown?


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