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In this particular case? Nonsense! I enjoy most of your articles but not this one. Wilder was completely battered, and nothing from what Bayless said meant that it wasn’t him who stopped the fight. If anything, Wilder’s corner was just a push for him to proceed with what was forthcoming (actually he should have stopped it sooner) - while not controlling as you pointed out, still, the corner throwing in the towel is very persuasive. For this case? Very very very much so. Illegal, it is not. You’re being misleading.
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February 26, 2020
At least that’s how it should have been interpreted, if you go beyond the literal meaning. But nonetheless, it was a complete punishment. Besides, why are we even talking about this? Wilder could have had a permanent injury there. It’s not an exaggeration that he could have even gotten himself killed there. Boxing’s a dangerous sport as you already know. The fight having been stopped is the proper call. No need to talk about anything else about it.
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