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Pacman is no longer a Catholic, but a born-again Christian. Good analysis, now I think he will fight Mikey alright if Hearn can give a good purse..

Saudi Arabia is host to thousands of Filipino workers, Philippines doesn't think about the politics there, so as long as their is money to be made ...
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March 05, 2020
I understand the need and desire for making as much money out of his last fights as possible but please.....Mikey Garcia does NOT deserve this fight!  He cannot match it with any talented welterweight in the world let alone Manny.....his last fight was pathetic.  I would sooner he fought the other least it would be entertaining.....not this crap.  Does he really need to tarnish something so astonishing as his fantastic career with fighting this bum?  No....Manny would still make many millions taking on either Spence or that fool Crawford AND get another belt.  This is his last year....and I believe his last fight.....please choose Spence!
David Richardson
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