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Don Chargin: "Sugar Ray Robinson is the best ever...not Floyd Mayweather Jr."

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Over the last several years, it's become common knowledge among fight fans that Floyd Mayweather Jr. has anointed himself to be "TBE" of the sport. To those who aren't exactly sure what the acronym represents, the now infamous initials stand for "The Best Ever".

According one of the few men left in the industry to have seen both Sugar Ray Robinson and Floyd Mayweather Jr. in their respective "fighting prime", there's no comparison as to which fighter is actually the genuine "TBE".

"Mayweather compared to Sugar Ray Robinson? There's no comparison," states Don "War a Week" Chargin. "In my opinion, Sugar Ray Robinson is the greatest fighter of all time."

The six decade fight promoter understands that he ultimately runs the risk of upsetting Mayweather's legion of die-hard supporters with his claim. But "The Don" of boxing insists that Floyd Joy Sinclair would not only lose to "The Sugar" in a mythical head to head match-up at 147 pounds, but would get stopped within the distance.

"I think Ray would knock Floyd out...I really do," declares the Hall of Fame matchmaker and promoter.

"Nothing against Floyd, but Ray just had so much more ability."

"With one punch he could knock anyone out...with either hand. He was really something. Just to watch him work was really special, because no one could do the things he could do."

"One thing for which I've always been thankful is that I was able to see the great Sugar Ray Robinson fight many times live. Don't get me wrong, Floyd is a very good fighter and I have a lot of respect for everything he's done, but compared to Ray Robinson? You're talking about something entirely different."

To the fans who remain convinced that greatness in boxing is measured by the amount of losses on a fighter's record, Mr. Chargin understands that they will ultimately point to Ray's checkered resume during the twilight of his career.


"The only mark on his legacy is that he stayed in the sport too long...but that wasn't the real Ray Robinson," professes the senior advisor to Golden Boy Promotions.

" When Ray started his career as a Welterweight, he never lost a fight while competing at 147 pounds."

"When Ray was young? Oh my gosh...he was something to behold. There was absolutely nothing he couldn't do in the ring. If he wanted to box, he would box...if he wanted to punch, he would punch. He could just do everything."

"I remember when Ray fought George 'Sugar' Costner in 1950. This guy was a 6'0" Welterweight who was a real killer in the ring. Everyone thought, 'Well I guess that's the end of Sugar Ray'. But what happened? Sugar Ray knocked him out in one round...one round."

Don understands and appreciates how some fans have acquired an unflinching and passionate allegiance to their favorite fighter, Floyd Mayweather Jr. But their fervent affinity for anything "Mayweather" doesn't change the knowledgeable and experienced fight promoter's steadfast opinion.

"Ray's height, reach, stamina, chin, and heavy hands would be way too much for Floyd Mayweather at 147 pounds," states Don "War a Week" Chargin. "We'll never know for sure, but believe me, Sugar Ray would knock Floyd out."

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