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Floyd Mayweather: Angry 'Money' continues to brutalize sparring partners

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Two weeks ago, FightSaga reported Floyd Mayweather was already putting sparring partners to sleep

In preparation for his May 2 superlight with Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather is on the warpath and his sparring partners presumably continue to pay a heavy price.

Floyd's most recent victim, according to uncle Jeff Mayweather, was former multi-division champion Zab Judah.

Once a top contender himself, Mayweather told MLive his nephew unleashed a can of whoop a** on Judah who was seemingly dominated every minute of three five minute rounds.

"[Floyd] Just beat the sh*t out of him. He beat Judah so bad."

"Judah was scared to let his hands go."

"Everybody was just hyped because they thought Judah was going to be something different, but Judah was [beat down] worse than the other guys."


But is Zab in any semblance of fighting shape? After all, he hasn't fought since dropping a wide decision to Paul Malignaggi in December 2013.

According to Uncle Jeff, Zab is in strong form.

"He's [Zab Judah] in shape. He's got a fight coming up," Jeff uttered.

"But the thing is, Floyd, he's on a different level right now. It may be just his mind, and all the bullsh*t he's been dealing with with Manny over the years."

"Obviously, he's taken that in some kind of way, and I mean, he's punishing these guys."


Everyone who steps in the ring with Floyd is paying a high price, according to Uncle Jeff.

... Everyone.

"He's annihilating everybody. He's a beast. "

A southpaw like Pacquiao, Judah faced Floyd in 2006 and made a quality account of himself. Then the undisputed welterweight champion, Zab found success early in the fight, giving Floyd problems with his southpaw style and speed.

Mayweather would adapt, however, and eventually seize control in Round 5, landing thudding shots that bloodied and staggered his foe over the course of the subsequent rounds. Floyd would go on to win a unanimous decision in an entertaining competitive bout.

Zab Judah, known for his strong amateur pedigree, explosiveness and speed, is not a fighter without credentials. He has wins over Lucas Matthysse, Cory Spinks, Rafael Pineda, DeMarcus Corley, Junior Witter, Darryl Tyson and Micky Ward. Moreover, he's also faced the likes of Amir Khan and Miguel Cotto.

In 2013, despite losing a close decision to Danny Garcia, he rocked the lineal jr welterweight champion late in the fight and had him hurt but failed to produce the knockout he needed to win the bout.

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