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Floyd Mayweather announcement: 5 big possibilities

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Since Floyd Mayweather Jr revealed that he would have a huge announcement for May 2015, speculation has been running rampant on what it could possibly be. At the press tour in New York City last month to promote Mayweather vs. Maidana 2, Mayweather and his advisor Leonard Ellerbe would not elaborate on what it might be - and this only adds to the intrigue amongst pundits and fans.

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So what could Mayweather’s big announcement be?

Seemingly, it is predicated on him defeating Maidana in the rematch in September.

Mayweather is the world’s highest paid athlete and has become a modern day icon so whatever may lie in store must be ground-breaking.

Fellow welterweght champions Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter, you are solid fighters but you haven’t grabbed the attention of the casual boxing fan and, as a result, Mayweather will not be announcing he’s fighting you.

Here are some of the possibilities for Mayweather’s big announcement.

1. He will fight Manny Pacquiao- Since Mayweather returned in September of 2009 from his 21 month retirement, fans and media have wanted to see these two men fight each other. Although the fight will not be as big as it would have been years ago, it’s still the biggest and most lucrative fight that can be made in boxing. There have been discussions networks could charge $100 for this fight. Would a fight with Pacquiao end any question of who was the best boxer of their era?

2. He will fight Amir Khan at Wembley Stadium- Mayweather has always been intrigued with the possibility of fighting in England after witnessing the raucous energy by fans of the UK when they traveled to Las Vegas for his fight with Ricky Hatton in December of 2007. Khan is the biggest boxer from the UK and has fans across the world so a fight with Mayweather would easily sellout Wembley Stadium which has a capacity of at least 90,000.

This could be the richest live gate purse in the history of boxing. A fight with Mayweather and Khan has been discussed for years, and a fight at Wembley stadium would be the best place for this fight to occur.

3. He’s retiring and May 2015 will be his last fight- After his rematch with Marcos Maidana, Mayweather will have two fights remaining on his six fight deal with Showtime. But the announcement could be that he only plans to fight one more time and that will be on Cinco de Mayo weekend of 2015. Mayweather is still the best pound-for-pound fighter in the sport but he’ll turn 38 in February which is old for a weltwerweight and eventually Father Time catches up with everyone.

Some feel that his legs are already showing signs of aging.

4. He plans on fighting past his six fight deal with Showtime – Should Mayweather remain undefeated throughout the duration of his six fight deal with Showtime, his professional record would be 49-0 tying the mark of Rocky Marciano. So if he decides to fight at least one more time to be 50-0 it could put Showtime in a bidding war with HBO on which network would broadcast the fight, where he may look to make a guaranteed $50 million dollars before the revenue from PPV numbers.

5. He’s going to form his own cable network- This might be farfetched, but Mayweather who has become a reality TV superstar both on HBO’s 24/7 and ShowTime’s All Access could decide that his brand is so big that he could start his own network. This idea would be similar to what WWE with its own network, and could consist of past Mayweather fights, fights of current fighters under Mayweather Promotions, along with past and current reality TV shows and behind the scenes footage.

Again, this possibility is farfetched considering how unsuccessful WWE has been with its network, but Mayweather and his team may just be bold enough to attempt this.

Floyd Mayweather's big announcement... What will it be?

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