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Floyd Mayweather knocked down in sparring? Judah denies rumor

Lee Cleveland Updated
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What happens in the gym stays in the gym....

Unless, of course, someone squeals.

Was unbeaten pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather floored in a Sunday sparring session with former champ Zab Judah?

According to the unconfirmed report on Allsports.com.gh, one onlooker stated Zab hit Mayweather with a hard left hook to the body and Floyd went down.


And according to the bystander, Floyd was down more than ten seconds. However, when sparring, it's customary to take breaks longer than ten seconds after a knockdown.

Like Manny Pacquiao, Zab is a southpaw and lefties tend to hook with their right arm, not left so the story is a bit sketchy. Nevertheless, a skilled southpaw like Judah can probably find ways to unleash left hooks with leverage, especially if he turns "righty" in close quarters.

What makes the "rumor" intriguing is the observer added that when Floyd arose, he beat Judah to a "bloody pulp", which is consistent with Jeff Mayweather's account of a one-sided beatdown.

When asked via Twitter to comment on his apparent KO of Floyd, Judah replied:



"that's not true it never happen stop it"


Located on the right side beneath the chest, the liver is the largest gland organ and a hard shot there can be excruciatingly painful and can even incapacitate a person.

In boxing, it's usually thrown as a left hook by an orthodox fighter and in a short and quick manner.

Gennady Golovkin knocked Matthew Macklin out with a liver shot in June 2013 and Amir Khan nearly scored a first round knockout over Marcos Maidana with the same punch in 2010.

Perhaps the most famous liver shot in history was delivered by Bernard Hopkins in the ninth and final round of his 2004 bout with Oscar De La Hoya.

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