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Floyd Mayweather: Double-dipping with Miguel Cotto during advanced stages of Pacquiao negotiations?

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In the midst of Team Pacquiao's current optimism, recently expressing news that a deal is very close to being reached for a historic May second meeting between "Money" Mayweather and the Pacman, Golden Boy Promotions president Oscar De la Hoya disclosed his personal feelings of pessimism in a recent post, which has since been removed, on a popular social media outlet.

"I get sick to my stomach that the top fighters today don't fight the best," stated the Hall of Fame prizefighter via Twitter. "Wouldn't be surprised if Mayweather fights Cotto #Canelo5Mayo"

It's been reported over the last several weeks that all parties involved have been negotiating terms to complete two of the most highly demanded match-ups in recent memory; a May event featuring "Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao" and a June bout starring "Canelo Alvarez vs. Miguel Cotto".

So why did the "Golden Boy" post such a cynical message to the anxious and optimistic fans of boxing?

On last night's FightSaga Radio episode of "Boxing Legends" with Don "War a Week" Chargin, the six decade fight promoter gave some clarity for Oscar's apparent "gloom and doom" message.

(This message has since been removed)


"Oscar posted that message because Team Mayweather recently made an offer to Miguel Cotto," stated Don Chargin.


With the Golden Boy adviser's shocking revelation, not only could the projected most lucrative match-up in boxing history be in serious jeopardy, but the proposed super fight between Canelo and Cotto could be as well.

Although boxing supporters around the world have created somewhat of a mandate for both Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao to finally meet in the ring, "The Don" of boxing insists the maneuver has nothing to do with the fans' bidding.

"If a fight between Mayweather and Cotto is made, it's being made for one reason," states the legendary promoter and matchmaker. "To stop the bout between Canelo and Cotto."

(News: Mayweather vs Pacquiao  | Canelo vs Cotto)

Over the last six months, Canelo Alvarez and Oscar De la Hoya have publicly expressed a strong desire to "take back" the coveted "Cinco de Mayo" and "Grito de Delores" Mexican holiday weekends to stage HBO PPV events in 2015, which have exclusively featured Floyd Mayweather Jr. for more than a half decade.

After signing with HBO in September, it appeared as if the Mexican favorite had maneuvered his way into position to compete on the coveted fight dates.

A fight between Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto would ostensibly spoil the plans of not only HBO and Golden Boy Promotions, but long time Mayweather nemesis and former promoter, Bob Arum, who coincidently promotes Manny Pacquiao.

Would Floyd Mayweather Jr. completely ignore a mandate established by the boxing community, potentially risk the health of his career and the sport, and discard a career high payday just to disrupt the plans of all three aforementioned parties?

Or this merely a tactic by Team Cotto to seek even more leverage during the negotiation process?

To hear Mr. Chargin briefly expouse on the topic, access the video below. And keep in mind, no one is suggesting Mayweather vs Cotto is happening or Mayweather vs Pacquiao isn't. The matchmaker simply said an offer to Cotto had recently been made.
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