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Floyd Mayweather: Next fight against Andre Berto or Karim Mayfield?

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After cruising to a unanimous decision over Manny Pacquiao last month, Floyd Mayweather insisted his final bout would be in September.

As part of his lucrative six-fight deal with CBS/Showtime, Floyd is obligated to fight at least once more but is now hinting there's a possibility he'll fight twice before retiring.

So who will Floyd Mayweather fight next? And will his next fight, his 49th professional bout, be a tune-up for a presumed grand exit, fight No. 50 in April or May?

... Or will Floyd hang 'em up after fulfilling his agreement to CBS/Showtime this fall?

A large segment of hardcore fight fans would love to see a super showdown between Floyd and unified middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin, arguably the most destructive fighter in boxing pound for pound. However, in a recent interview with the media via FightHype, Floyd shot down prospects for a Golovkin fight.

"Golovkin, he goes out and does what he has to do...at my weight right now, you know, I walk around at 150...148, 150....probably be a good fight for me, probably would; But you know, I'm almost finished," stated Floyd who hinted Gennady would be too big and ultimately too much risk for the reward.

And while there have been talks of a possible showdown with Amir Khan, the popular British welterweight who has been chasing Floyd for several years, a deal has yet to be struck.

Given Floyd Mayweather has just won the biggest fight of his career and no opponent can come close to equaling Manny Pacquiao's stature and the revenue generated from that superfight, does Floyd really want another tough fight en route his presumed grand finale next April or May?

"In September, I'm going to choose whoever I want to choose," Floyd told FightHype and other media earlier this week.

"Probably Andre Berto.... Or a Karim Mayfield."

Although those in attendance chuckled at Floyd's decry, 'Money May' wasn't kidding.

"I think Berto has been looking good, you know," added boxing's top pound-for-found fighter.

Floyd Mayweather and Andre Berto (30-3, 23 KO) were expected to fight in September 2011 before the latter was upset by Victor Ortiz earlier that year. Andre is well-known among fans and has been featured on HBO and Showtime numerous times. Moreover, he registered a solid TKO win over Josesito Lopez on national television earlier this year.

There are other fighters far more deserving of the proverbial 'Floyd Mayweather Sweepstakes' but if September's bout will serve as a tune-up for Money May's coup de grâce next spring, why should Floyd face a threatening opponent?

Don't be surprised if Floyd faces the likes of Andre Berto, Karim Mayfield (19-2-1, 11 KO) or K9 Bundrage (34-5, 19 KO) in September.

Should Floyd pursue a tune-up this fall and win, possible opponents in April or May will include Manny Pacquiao, Amir Khan and Keith Thurman.

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