Floyd Mayweather: Next fight on CBS or PPV?

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Will Floyd Mayweather Jr. (48-0 26 KO), boxing's current top dog, grace the viewing public with a "free" swan song showcase on September 12?

Will Floyd Mayweather's next fight be broadcast on CBS?

According to Boxingscene.com, insiders closely connected to Mayweather Jr insist Floyd would love for his final fight to be on free TV, more specifically CBS.


Mayweather would like to leave the game on a high note and rid fans with the bitter taste in their mouths left behind by his May 2015 bout with Manny Pacquiao, a monumentally overpriced letdown.

Potential Problem: Does CBS have enough time, logistically and for marketing and advertising, to accommodate Floyd's date of choice, September 12, without taking a major hit financially?

To further buttress the unlikely scenario of Floyd ending his career on free television, an inside source told Boxingscene.com:

"Rarely do you have an event of this magnitude that you hear about in two or three months’ notice.”

"If there were nine months to plan the event, it would be a different ball game (in terms of selling ads).”

So what is the most likely scenario for Floyd's presumed final fight?

It's becoming more and more apparent that Floyd will simply face an opponent (perhaps Andre Berto) on Showtime ppv on September 12th, thus ending his brilliant career on his familiar platform of pay per view television.

But some sources close to the situation also stated to Boxingscene.com that Floyd may take one last 'special' fight in 2016 which would be aired on CBS.

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