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Floyd Mayweather: "Nobody knows who Amir Khan is, only boxing people"

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On the bright side, it seems that Floyd Mayweather is finally eying Manny Pacquiao as a serious, potential opponent.

"My focus right now is Pacquiao and I want that fight," Floyd uttered yesterday at the WBC annual convention after being questioned about the possibility of him facing the resurgent Amir Khan next.

While most fans may have breathed a sigh of relief others may have chuckled by how he prefaced the aforementioned statement.

"Khan should make a name for himself."

"Right now nobody knows who Amir Khan is, only boxing people. I think he should wait a bit [and make a bigger name for himself]."

Ahh, the business of boxing.

It wasn't long ago Floyd Mayweather and Golden Boy were seemingly attempting to make a case for Khan as Mayweather's May 2014 opponent before finally settling on Marcos Maidana.

It was a year ago, almost to the day, when then Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer addressed fans' harsh backlash towards the prospect of Mayweather vs Khan. 

"If [Floyd Mayweather] is going to fight Amir Khan.... "

"Some people might disagree with me, I understand because Khan might not have looked as stellar in his last couple of fights as one would have hoped, but there are two sayings, 'Styles make fights and speed kills.'"

"He added, "I am going to go on record and say Amir Khan is faster than Floyd Mayweather. No question about it."

"If it [Mayweather vs Khan] would happen, I give Amir Khan a helluva chance," insisted Schaefer.

Not long after those comments, Floyd launched a poll on Instagram asking fans who they preferred as his next opponent, Marcos Maidana or Amir Khan.

Khan won by a landslide.

Simply put, Amir Khan's following is far larger than three of Mayweather's last five opponents combined (Victor Ortiz, Marcos Maidana and Robert Guerrero)

Sans Manny Pacquiao and Mayweather, himself, Khan has more followers on social media than any other active boxer. 

Perhaps not a big deal in the States, Amir Khan, internationally, is hugely popular and that is exactly why Team Mayweather and Golden Boy were so interested in staging Mayweather vs Khan last May, despite the fact the latter had lost 2 of his last 4 bouts.

Floyd should have told reporters the Manny Pacquiao bout is a better opportunity.  The masses want that fight anyway so it would have certainly been enough. 

... But to insinuate no one other than hardcore boxing fans knows who Khan is is a bit insulting to Khan and fight fans in general, especially considering Amir's massive fan base and the fact Team Mayweather had been lobbying to fight him for so long.

Comments like those only fuel fans' speculation about whether Floyd is being truthful about not previously agreeing to fight Pacquiao due to drug testing, purse disputes and a presumably menacing Bob Arum. 
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