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Floyd Mayweather: Former titleholder insists 'Money May' avoids black fighters

Joseph Herron Updated
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If ignorance is bliss, then former two division boxing world champion Devon Alexander should be one ecstatic individual.

Last week, it was reported by numerous sources that the St. Louis native called out Floyd Mayweather Jr., claiming the pound for pound king of boxing purposely avoids facing "black" fighters.

The absurd statement was made after the former IBF Welterweight title holder was asked why he thought Floyd Jr. chose Marcos "El Chino" Maidana as his only opponent in 2014, despite the fact that Alexander currently holds an impressive and decisive victory over the hard punching Argentine.

"Floyd looks at the fighters who pose the least amount of threat to him," stated Devon Alexander during a radio interview with '78 Sports TV'.

"And I did my homework. I saw that every black fighter Floyd has faced has given him trouble.

"I think every black fighter is going to make him think in there, and I don't think he really wants to think anymore (in the ring). I think when he gets in there, he doesn't really want anymore surprises."


"With Zab, he had problems. You know, Shane hurt him...'Chop Chop' Corley hurt him. All the black fighters that he has fought has made him think, 'I don't want to fight anymore black fighters'. That's what I see."

It's shocking to hear an ambassador of the sport espouse this kind of racist sentiment as an explanation for his own personal deficiencies as a professional fighter.

First of all, to assume the only fighters who are capable of making Floyd Mayweather Jr. "think" in the ring are exclusive to the African-American community is preposterous.

If a prizefighter can't sell tickets or doesn't compete in a fan friendly manner, he's not going to receive a call from the biggest name in the sport. The only thing more important to "Money" Mayweather than keeping his perfect resume intact is selling tickets and driving PPV sales.

Unfortunately for Mr. Devon Alexander, he doesn't fulfill either one of the aforementioned "Money" requirements, according to most interested fans of boxing.

Until the slick southpaw can create the demand it takes to sell out a venue, he would be wise to focus on improving his own marketability.

When Floyd Mayweather Sr. was informed of Devon's ignorant commentary, the head fight trainer and father of the best fighter on the planet set the record straight.

"The only reason why he's saying that is because Floyd hasn't given him a shot to make a lot of money," claims Floyd Sr. "That's all that is. And he won't make none now, since he's talking like that."

According to the elder statesman of the Mayweather clan, Alexander has no chance in getting a big money fight with his son...even if he is successful in defeating Amir Khan on December 13.

"He still isn't going to get the opportunity...trust me," states Mayweather Sr. "I'm offended that he would even say something like that. Why would he say something like that? He can go to f***ing hell for all I'm concerned!"
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