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Floyd Mayweather vs. Adrien Broner on Showtime PPV in September of 2020?

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Will Floyd Mayweather Jr. be taking on former protege Adrien Broner later this year?

According to boxing insider, Rick Glaser, influential power adviser Al Haymon is looking to sell this once heralded match-up amidst one of America's worst financial periods since the great depression.  Although no one knows which network will eventually stage this controversial pairing, both Mayweather and Broner have enjoyed a lucrative working relationship with Stephen Espinoza and Showtime Sports over the last decade. 

But is anyone clamoring for a match-up consisting of two relatively inactive counter punchers? Does Haymon believe interested fans would be willing to pay top dollar in today's dismal financial climate to see these two massive egos stare at each other in the center of the ring for 36 minutes?

As both participating combatants have grown accustomed to receiving terribly inflated purses, this projected match-up of pugilistic "prima donnas" would be the most "over-priced" pairing one could potentially make in boxing today.

And how would this style pairing play out in the ring?

"Mayweather vs. Broner" would make the critically underwhelming May/Pac look like Corrales/Castillo or Marquez/Vasquez in comparison...both match-ups were classic, all-action fights produced by Showtime Sports under the shrewd guidance of Ken Hershman.

Where have you gone, Mr. Hershman?

Ken's intelligent boxing philosophy was, "we don't sign fighters...we sign match-ups". The real fans of the sport were the true beneficiaries of his insightful business model.

Although Espinoza was heavily praised for signing Floyd Mayweather Jr. to an unprecedented, six-fight $200 million deal to compete exclusively on Showtime Sports in 2013, he hasn't been able to replicate similar success with any other combatant in Haymon's massive PBC stable.

So how much money would it take to lure Floyd and Adrien out of retirement this year?

Last week, Broner had this to say on his favorite social media platform:

“Al Haymon and Espinoza, I need $10 million to come back and fight. Man, I did everything for you and fought whoever without no complaining.

“Now send me a direct deposit, or I’m going to Cali to see my peoples that got 'em for 1200. I’m rich, but I got to stay rich, and my kids got to be rich too.

“Eddie Hearn, I got to see what those numbers look like. Hit me up on my D.M. so we can talk. 135-140."

First of all, there is no way Floyd Jr. is fighting anywhere south of 150 pounds at age 43. And only if AB were willing to lose a limb would he be able to compete at 135 or 140 pounds ever again.

Perhaps "AB" should change his professional moniker to "AD"...about delusion.

Floyd has already stated that he wouldn't be coming out of retirement for anything less than 9 figures.

So how realistic is this match-up? What is the likelihood that Showtime or FOX would see any return on their investment?

Although both fighters are mainstream boxing icons, it's debatable whether or not "Joe America" would be willing to spend $100 on any singular event in 2020...especially for a fight that no one is requesting currently?

Yes, the proposed match-up wouldn't happen until September. But does anyone realistically see the US economy recovering by the end of 2020?

If Espinoza or Al Haymon wants to throw crazy ideas on the chalkboard, the working tandem could probably get Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield out of retirement for much less...and it would undoubtedly produce much better numbers.

Sadly enough, a three-round exhibition between the two geriatric heavyweights would more than likely provide more action than twelve complete rounds of Mayweather vs. Broner.

It will be interesting to see whether or not Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Adrien Broner eventually materializes on Showtime PPV or FOX Sports PPV later this year, and what kind of numbers would the suggested event produce on a relatively antiquated PPV business model?


Noted Source:  Rick Glaser is an International Agent, Broker, & Consultant with 29 years of worldwide experience in the boxing industry.  Mr. Glaser can be reached at [email protected]

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