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Floyd Mayweather vs Broner? Elite-level trainer would tune-in

Lee Cleveland Updated
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After defeating a tough and determined Ashley Theophane in Washington, DC Saturday night, Adrien Broner called out his former BFF Floyd Mayweather.

Floyd of course, now retired, hinted earlier in the week that Adrien was immature, suggesting the 26 year old's decisions were embarrassing and self-defeating.

It's unlikely Mayweather will accept Adrien's challenge but if he did, would Mayweather vs Broner be the biggest fight Floyd could make today, sans a rematch with Manny Pacquiao?

"If somebody can get Mayweather out of retirement to fight, it may be Broner," former Trainer of the Year Robert Garcia told FightHype. (Video below)
"...Maybe that's the way to start that rivalry..."

"I wouldn't mind seeing it...it doesn't surprise me; it's all business."

Age vs youth, drama and intrigue, craziness and genuine bad blood, and massive egos.... If Floyd returns, put Broner's name at the top of the list of potential opponents.

It sould have a tremendous storyline. Sign 'em up.

Moreover, Adrien, when focused and in-shape is, at the very least, a formidable opponent for anyone at welterweight, including Floyd Mayweather.


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