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Floyd Mayweather vs Gennady Golovkin: Almost as big as Floyd vs Manny if ...

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Following Floyd Mayweather's win over Manny Pacquiao nine days ago, many are asking, "What if?" 

What if the world's best boxer faced the world's best brawler?

Uber skills, cat-like reflexes and laser-like precision and accuracy versus uber skills, superior size and strength and unbridled destruction.


Even prior to Mayweather vs Pacquiao, some insisted the more intriguing bout was Floyd vs Gennady 'Triple G' Golovkin.

And despite the public's disdain over the Fight of the Century earlier this month, Mayweather vs Golovkin, for the hardcore fight fan, even today and especially today, is every bit as mouthwatering as Floyd vs Manny was.

Gennady Gololkin, violent and unrelenting, is the quintessential knockout artist crowd-pleaser. 

Fact: If today's mainstream knew as much about Gennady Golovkin as it does Manny Pacquiao, a September 2015 fight card headlined by Mayweather vs Golovkin would be the second highest-grossing fight in history.

So what if Floyd is defensive! It would be worth the money to see if his hit-and-don't-be- hit escapology could work against a bigger man in his prime who is believed to be the most destructive boxer on earth and , incidentally, is known for cutting the ring off effectively and avoiding clinches.


Moreover, Golovkin, unlike Manny, is a monstrous inside fighter.

Could today's version of 'Money May' cope with Golovkin's reach and strength? 

Could Triple G deal with Floyd's speed, missile-like counters and freakish ring prowess?  

Let's face it, Floyd Mayweather is a stylistic nightmare for anyone under 168 lbs.

And Gennady Gololkin, violent and unrelenting, is the quintessential knockout artist and crowd-pleaser.

Will Mayweather vs Golovkin happen?

Although Gennady insists he'd move from 160 lbs to 154 lbs to fight Floyd, the dream fight is extremely unlikely because, for Floyd, the risk far exceeds the rewards. Mayweather could earn more money facing a less-threatening opponent, such as Miguel Cotto.

In addition, there would also be considerable size difference, even if Golovkin dropped weight. Gennady would be a big super welterweight while Floyd, as we saw in his bout against Canelo Alvarez, is tiny at 154 lbs.

Nevertheless, Floyd isn't scared of Golovkin. At this moment, however, that bout is ludicrous from a business perspective.

What if?
But what if the world had been hellbent on seeing Floyd fight Gennady Golovkin instead of Pacquiao? All things being equal (purse sums, media interest and etc), would have Floyd fought Triple G on May 2?


But, even now, Floyd Sr, 'Money May's father, adviser and head trainer, hinted he'd have serious reservations about such a match-up. Despite predicting a victory for his son, Floyd Sr admitted Golovkin might be a little too big for the former's liking.

"We are not fitting to fight no damn giant. I’m going to tell you like this right here. He comes down, he'll be at 154, [but] by the time he eats and fights that night....maybe [he'll be at] 180, you just don’t know," Floyd Sr. told Pro Boxing Insider.

“Now they say that Floyd won’t beat him, but I’m just telling you because the guy is probably just so big and strong. Floyd probably, all he would be doing is he’d take a lot of punches."

"... It would be a struggle....but Floyd probably could beat him. I can’t say that he can’t beat him,” Mayweather Sr. said.

A 'struggle?'

Floyd would 'take a lot of punches?'

When have you heard Floyd Sr give a would-be or mythical opponent so much credit?

Floyd Sr's presumed lack of extreme confidence tells us all we need to know about how a mythical Mayweather vs Golovkin  showdown would be greeted by the masses.

Simply put, it would would be a blockbuster, dwarfing Floyd's bouts with Oscar De La Hoya and Canelo Alvarez.

With a record of 32-0 and with 29 knockouts, and with highlight reels that would make the staunchest cynics 'ooh and ahh,' Gennady Golovkin would have been almost as attractive to the masses as Manny Pacquiao. And in addition, unlike in the Manny showdown, Floyd certainly wouldn't have been a 2 to 1 favorite.

It's probably a 50-50 fight.

A Mayweather vs Golovkin bout, even this fall,  would be the second-highest grossing fight ever.

.... If the mainstream only 'had the book' on Triple G.

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