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Fury vs Joshua prediction: David Haye's flawed intangible

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Representatives for Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua are apparently on the tail end of negotiations to secure back-to-back mega heavyweight title unification showdowns with the first to take place in July, August or September somewhere in the Middle East.

The ultimate winner will be the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, having in his possession all four of the major titles (WBC, WBA, IBF and WBO).

Who is your pick for the first Fury vs Joshua bout?

Former two-weight world champion David Haye likes AJ, primarily due to a possible intangible.

“I’m calling it very, very different to the majority of people,” he explained to talksport's Hawksbee and Jacobs on Thursday. “A lot of people think I am crazy.”

“I know how powerful Tyson Fury is when he is up for it, I really do. But I have also seen when he didn’t look up for it, his prior fights going into that fight. He didn’t look great."

David Haye

“And I feel that Tyson Fury and his whole team are treating Anthony Joshua the same way Anthony Joshua treated Andy Ruiz Jr the first time around."

Anthony Joshua walked to the ring with so much confidence that he knew he was going to win because he was just better and it didn’t happen for him that night.

“I think the same thing could happen with Tyson Fury that him and his whole team do not rate Anthony Joshua. I’ve heard the interviews where they just do not rate him – they just do not think he is that good!”

David Haye's Fury vs Joshua prediction: AJ

Is the supremely confident Fury overconfident?

What Haye should take into consideration is that Fury, like fight legend Evander Holyfield in the past, often fights to the level of his competition. Such was the case in the former's bouts with Otto Wallin, Francesco Pianeta and Sefer Seferi, and in his first fight with Deontay Wilder.

And yes, Tyson Fury showed great courage and determination in overcoming a nasty cut against Wallin but, that aside, didn't endear any fans with a memorable performance.

He'll rise to the occasion, but won't always beat an opponent from pillar to post and produce that electrifying, highlight reel knockout because he's not that kind of fighter and is seldom challenged to that degree.

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Muhammad Ali, for example, KO'd the fearsome George Foreman yet won some subsequent bouts against lesser opponents who took him the distance in competitive, less action-filled fights.

And whereas Holyfield sometimes engaged in wars with opponents who weren't on his level, Fury tends to deliver convincing but less aesthetically-pleasing wins. As a result, it's easy to downplay his efforts because, for all of his awesome talent, Fury is seldom dominant or overwhelming in the ring.

Even his title-taking win in 2015 over all-time great Wladimir Klitschko was a bit ugly despite Tyson's clear cut victory.


One can say Fury didn't look great but Wlad was tentative and fought in a cautious and tactful style. In the end, Tyson got the job done.

So, with all that stated about Fury winning ugly, we've certainly seen him deliver overwhelming, highlight reel performances in his rematches with Dereck Chisora and Wilder, and in his bout with Tom Schwarz.

If Anthony Joshua brings out the best in Tyson Fury, as many of us suspect, we'll probably see Fury fight in more of an 'action hero' style.

“He [Anthony Joshua] has the skillset,” Haye said. “He has all of the tools that one would require to have a game plan, realistically, to beat Tyson Fury."

“... I don’t believe Tyson Fury will go into a fight with Anthony Joshua really believing that he is up against it, that he is going to have to be a perfect fighter.

“I think he is going to walk to the ring like he did against Wilder and just really have a go and just hope that the same thing happens to Anthony Joshua that happened to Wilder.”

More Fury vs Joshua predictions:

Joe Calzaghe (source: talksport)
Tyson Fury has to be the favorite,” he said, “Judging on ‘you’re only as good as your last fight’, Tyson Fury would be the favorite right now.

“I think he is the best fighter in the world based on his last fight. Don’t get me wrong, AJ is a top fighter as well and it’s a fight I really want to see down the line.

“It will be fantastic for British fans and fans around the world to see Fury and AJ.”

Prediction: Tyson Fury

Wladimir Klitschko (source: talksport)
“Joshua is a superior athlete, great fighter, Olympic champion.

“Most importantly, he’s a great guy, who carries the torch of this image of a heavyweight champion perfectly. I’m proud to call him as a friend, even though we were [rivals].

“And I think and I wish that eventually Joshua is going to unify all of the belts. That’s the eventual plan.”

Prediction: Anthony Joshua

Please share your Fury vs Joshua predictions.

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