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Some say former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury looked awful in defeating Francesco Pianeta today while others think it was a formidable performance, even insisting Tyson gave his foe a boxing lesson.

So, what's the answer?

First things first... What we saw today is somewhat typical of a Tyson Fury fight. He wins but seldom looks great.

How often, after a Fury fight, have we exclaimed: "What a performance!"

Answer: Not a lot. He usually wins ugly, and tonight was no different. Moreover, he often fights to the level of his competition which was clearly limited tonight.

Second: Tyson talks macho but seldom fights in that aggressive, 'alpha man' style. As a result, it's easy to downplay his performances because we're expecting to see him unleash utter destruction due to his violent pre-fight threats.

Tonight, everyone was in agreement Tyson won all 10 rounds but theories varied on his performance.

David Haye suggested Fury was playing possum and holding back because he didn't want Wilder, who was at ringside, to witness the full breadth of his arsenal. And some theorized Fury simply wanted to get rounds in and wasn't trying to make a great impression or obtain a stoppage.

Bottomline: For what the young man has put himself through (drug addiction, an astounding weight gain and a long gym layoff), he looked fine. Not great, but fine. However, for a fella who is fighting Deontay Wilder for the WBC title next, he looked far from threatening. Of course, let's not forget he'll have another 3-4 months to improve.

Fury's performance grade: C/C+

No, Fury typically doesn't overwhelm opponents, but he should have looked better against his made-to-order foe this evening. Had that performance been against a more capable heavyweight, such as Kubrat Pulev, I would have given Tyson much higher marks.

But tonight, the Brit had advantages in almost every conceivable area:

Punching power
Technique/ Skills/ Footwork
Fighting at range
Overall level of opposition

Moreover, Pianeta entered the ring having lost 2 of his last 3 fights to Peter Milas (then 11-0) in June and Kevin Johnson (then 31-8-1) last October. And his only win in his last three bouts came in March against a fella who was 1-0. Yes, 1-0.

Given the opponent, I expected to see more offense from Fury who seemed content to outwork a fella who wasn't mounting any semblance of an attack. I also thought Fury looked noticeably slower, hands and feet, than he was in 2015.

Fan reaction from Fury vs Pianeta:

Steve P
If Fury is on the money, he could beat Wilder. The one thing that made this fight boring was that Pianeta put up his guard the whole time and didn't take much risk. Wilder will not do that so Wilder will get hit a lot more than Pianeta did. The question is, can wilder take the amount of jabs and the combos from Fury?

He's never seen anything like this or has been hit so many times the way Fury opponents get hit. On the other end, will Fury be able to get out of reach to Wilder's long right hand that can find you from far away? Plus, Wilder swarms on you when you get hit. That's what makes this fight so intriguing. For people who know boxing, this fight will be the fight of the year most likely.

Matt B
After that performance, Wilder is knocking Fury out cold.

Captain Kilo
No chance Wilder wins without a K.O. or a few knockdowns imo. Fury style is designed to win rounds easily. Wilder will have trouble with the jab and the switch hitting style of Fury. My prediction is Fury wins 8-4 but gets knocked down late in the fight, and recovers.

I am a wilder fan aka bomb squad and from the UK and believe fury needed to prove more than he did. What your saying about furys style is totally correct but when he's saying he's guna knock wilder out he's got to at least show a bit of power because Ortiz is a power puncher and hit wilder with all he had and it still wasn't enough. 

Wilder is too athletic for fury to go the distance but if fury says he's ready then nobody can take that from wilder although I'm sure he still won't get credited

This is exactly what Fury needed. 10 busy rounds that showed he’s in shape and ready for Deontay.... Fury’s style is awkward as hell and no guarantee Wilder flattens him... He just WILL.... Boxing takes Center Stage...BOMBZQUAD

Tyson boxing fundamentals are excellent but i have no doubt Wilder gonna catch him with that right hand for the win.

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