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Fury vs Wilder 2 purses / payout: Time for a big raise

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On February 22, WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder will face self-proclaimed lineal champion Tyson Fury in a rematch of their December 2018 bout which was ruled a draw.

(Image courtesy of Boxing Squared)

Fury vs Wilder 2, unlike most fights of this magnitude, was confirmed rather quickly. In fact, it was probably a done deal pending Wilder's November 23rd tile defense against Luis Ortiz. Deontay won that bout via 7th Round TKO and Fury was confirmed as Wilder's next opponent soon thereafter.

Fury vs Wilder 2 purses
For their first bout in December 2018, Wilder had a guaranteed base purse of $4 million and Fury took home a guaranteed purse of $3 million.

Stipulation: If the fight had generated 1 million PPV buys, Wilder would have maximized his income at $14 million (£11 million) while Fury would have garnered around $10.25 million (£8 million).

Although the event was a box office success, it fell short of 1 million buys. That fight generated 325,000 PPV buys in the United State at $74.99 and 420,000 in the United Kingdom. However, it's likely both fighters got a purse boost after receiving their percentages from pay-per-view revenue.

We speculate Wilder received $9-$12 Million and Fury $6.75-8.75 Million.

Fury vs Wilder 2
WBC Heavyweight Title
February 22, 2020
MGM Grand Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV, USA
Showtime PPV

For the rematch in February, it's rumored the purse split will be 50-50. And should they fight a third time, it's believed (although not confirmed by us) the purse will be split 60/40 for the winner/loser.

BoxiingNews24.com reported:

“It’s a signed deal,” said promoter Bob Arum about a rematch between Wilder and Fury for February. “Not only is it a signed deal for a second fight between the two best heavyweights in the world, the winner of the fight for a third fight, which is already signed, gets 60 percent of everything and the loser 40 percent."

"Right now, it’s signed for the second fight. Each side gets 50 percent. I would prefer it take place in Las Vegas,” said Arum.

So, how much will the fighters earn in February?

... Much of it will depend on PPV revenue.

“The biggest source of revenue comes from pay-per-view," stated Arum earlier this month.

"People are now talking about this next fight [between Wilder and Fury] coming up will do 2 million homes in the United States, paying into the promotion $40 dollars, over and above what the providers take. So that’s $80 million from just the pay-per-view plus the closed circuit.

Wishful thinking
If more people in the U.S. were familiar with Wilder and Fury, the rematch would easily eclipse 2 million buys in the States alone. However, given the first fight only generated 325,000 buys and Wilder's title defense against Ortiz last month seemingly produced between 140K and 240K buys in the U.S., 2 million purchases (even in the US and UK combined) for Wilder vs Fury 2 is wishful thinking. However, we surmise revenue for the rematch will surpass the income generated in their first bout.

Early estimate
Our conservative projection is that both fighters will earn between $13 and $15 Million for the rematch after all of the PPV revenue is dispensed. That would give Deontay an uptick of several million and, perhaps, close to double Fury's purse from the first fight.

We based the increase in revenue on the fighters' enhanced stock since December 2018. Wilder has had two breathtaking one-punch knockouts and hs established himself as one of the hardest punchers in heavyweight championship history. And Fury, on the other hand, has become a mainstream celebrity of sorts, appearing in WWE and in numerous mainstream publications and interviews. Moreover, he had an awesome and entertaining showcase against Tom Schwarz in June.

Despite Wilder's recent displays of freakish punching power inside the ring, it'll be Fury's antics, charisma and backstory outside the ring that will give Fury vs Wilder 2 its biggest PPV boost.


Feb 20 Update: 
Promoter Bob Arum gave what we would consider a best case scenario. Again, this is wishful thinking...

"Obviously there are guarantees that each gets," promoter Bob Arum told FightHype.com earlier this week. "But I'm not going to get into it. There are confidentiality provisions in place on Tyson's part, and I have absolutely no idea what Wilder is getting."

"We know what the gate is," claims the Hall of Fame promoter. "It's sold out, so the gate will be about $16 million, less the taxes."

"We know the closed circuit, albeit small, is doing better than anybody anticipated."

"What we don't know is the English PPV and the US PPV."

As most fans and media members recognize, the real money is in the PPV performance on Saturday night. All parties involved are extremely optimistic that Wilder vs. Fury 2 will prove to be a huge commercial and critical hit in the US and abroad.

"I talked to Frank Warren, co-promoter with Tyson Fury, and he believes that the English PPV, even at 4 AM, will reach a million homes. So that would end up being $20 million."

"And if the American PPV hits 2 million purchases, that would bring in $160 million, less what the networks and cable providers take. So realistically, they could make over $40 million each."

"I don't know for sure what Wilder would get, but I do know that my guy would get over $40 million if those numbers do hit."

Again, our conservative projection is that both fighters will earn between $13 and $15 Million for the rematch after all of the PPV revenue is dispensed. 

Who has the edge in the ring?

Online sportsbook BetOnline has Fury as the slight -125 favorite for this rematch with Wilder coming back at +105. Don't be surprised if there's not much movement from now until the rematch.

Although their first encounter was a fun, competitive fight, most seemed to think Fury had done enough to win. He moved and boxed well and had Wilder missing consistently. However, he was floored twice and Wilder needed both knockdowns to earn a draw and retain his title.

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