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Fury vs Wilder 3 PPV: Revenue could be a big issue; Get creative

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According to promoter Bob Arum, the second rematch between WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and former champion Deontay Wilder will be postponed due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

Fury vs Wilder 3, which was originally slated for July 18, is now being targeted for October.

Defending the decision to postpone, Arum told ESPN, "We don’t even know if the MGM will even be open by then. How are you going to sell tickets? It’s absolutely ridiculous to say the fight is on when the Brits can’t even get there."

Should the fight take place in October, Arum still may have a problem selling tickets AND pay-per-view buys. And if he hasn't considered that, he should.

Even if Coronavirus is fully resolved in mid summer, the world will likely still be reeling in October from the epidemic's economic fallout.

It's like an individual being out of work for several months. His struggles don't always end when he finds a new job because he must deal with the debt he accrued while unemployed.

In the U.S. and all over the world, unemployment is spiking as a result of everyone staying home. When Coronavirus finally lifts, unemployment might be as high as 30 percent in the U.S., many businesses will have closed their doors and a lot of folks who'll go back to work will have accumulated debt in the form of credit cards and overdue mortgages and rents.

Moreover, many companies looking to hire or re-hire will do so conservatively due to reduced budgets from the lack of profit generated in Q1 and possibly part of Q2.

When a fighter is floored and badly hurt, it usually takes a few moments for him to get himself back together.

He doesn't immediately fight back like nothing happened. He's cautious and defensive, and is focused on safely making it out of the round.

Will national economies be any different when this is over?

Will we meet October 2020 having not missed a beat?

Maybe and maybe not... But the latter is the more likely scenario.

That stated, how many people are going to pay $79.99 for Fury vs Wilder 3 after all this mess?

Promoters should get really creative.

Even prior to the spread of Coronavirus, obstacles for Fury vs Wilder 3 revenue existed because February's bout was so one-sided.

Fury took the fight to Wilder, who is regarded as one of the most devastating punchers in heavyweight history. He beat Deontay on the inside, at mid-range and on the outside and ultimately bullied the champ for seven rounds.

Deontay can't outbox nor outbrawl Fury at this moment and can't figure out how to generate any offense against the 6'9" Brit. In fact, some say Wilder has clearly won just 2 of the 19 rounds they've fought, insisting the rest were either won by Fury or could have gone either way.

So, Fury vs Wilder 3 wasn't an easy sell to begin with.

Following Tyson Fury's 7th Round TKO over Deontay Wilder last month, there was a 50-50 purse split and the fighters received at least $25 Million USD apiece plus a certain percentage of what little was left over from PPV revenue of about 850K buys at $79.99 a pop.

But, even the PPV revenue for that fight, although not disappointing, fell solidly short of promoters' goal.

Let's hope things are back to normal by October. Either way, promoters should prepare for a stingy market and get very creative.

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