fury vs wilder 3 purses

Fury vs Wilder 3 purses: Downgrading

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Following Tyson Fury's 7th Round TKO over Deontay Wilder last month, there was a 50-50 purse split and the fighter's received at least $25 Million USD apiece plus a certain percentage of what little was left over from PPV revenue of about 850K buys at $79.99 a pop.

The PPV buyrate wasn't disappointing but fell solidly short of promoters' goal so we can safely assume Wilder and Fury received $25 Million plus a little extra change, if any.

The fighters received a raise from their December 2018 bout, a draw, which we speculate generated between $9 and $12 Million in purse sums for Wilder and between $6.75 and $8.75 Million for Fury. And at the box office, that fight generated 325,000 PPV buys in the United States at $74.99 and 420,000 in the United Kingdom.

Fury vs Wilder 3 purses in July will be split 60/40 in favor of February's winner (Fury) and will likely fall somewhere in between Fights No.1 and 2.

Why will they take a pay cut?

Last month, Fury took the fight to Wilder, who is regarded as one of the most devastating punchers in heavyweight history. He beat Deontay on the inside, at mid-range and on the outside and ultimately bullied the champ for seven rounds.

Deontay can't outbox nor outbrawl Fury at this moment and can't figure out how to generate any offense against the 6'9" Brit. In fact, some say Wilder has clearly won just 2 of the 19 rounds they've fought, insisting the rest were either won by Fury or could have gone either way.

For the above reasons, Fury vs Wilder 3 may not be able to generate the level interest to create enough revenue comparable to their first rematch last month.

"Fury-Wilder is still a big fight," boxing promoter Eddie Hearn, who is not involved in the Fury vs Wilder 3 promotion, told William Hill earlier this week.

"Any fight that Wilder is involved in means anything can happen, but it was so one-sided."

fury vs wilder 3 purses hearn

"But there are bigger problems in this situation if you’re Fury and you’ve put in the performance of a career and won the WBC heavyweight belt, because you want more money in a rematch. That probably won’t happen because there won’t be as much money generated so he’s not going to be happy"

Fury vs Wilder 3 purse sums will take a hit.

Even with the long end of a 60-40 pay cut, Fury will likely earn millions less for Fight No. 3 on July 18. And Wilder, win or lose, should expect to take an even larger pay cut.

Moreover, who knows what kind of impact Coronavirus will have on the the live gate in July? That's another revenue stream that will likely underperform versus Wilder vs Fury 2, even if the virus is in check by then. Let's not forget, Fight No. 2 set a Nevada record for a heavyweight fight, generating $16,916,440. As a result, Wilder vs Fury 2, as of today, is the seventh-highest gate overall in Nevada history.

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