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Fury vs. Wilder 3: Team Fury threatens Deontay with Defamation Lawsuit before trilogy

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In case you haven't kept up, Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder has become the most competitive and bitter boxing rivalry since Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. Due in large part to the crazy and unsubstantiated accusations made by Team Wilder and his devoted fanbase.

Several months after suffering his first professional loss to the self-proclaimed "Gypsy King" and current WBC heavyweight champion, Wilder went public with several gravely serious and potentially criminal allegations, concerning doctored gloves, tampered water, foul play, and corruption.

Just two months ago, Deontay doubled down on his accusations of cheating and glove tampering, further charging Tyson Fury with possibly devising a sinister plot to "once again" break the rules in their upcoming trilogy.

"Oh they're thinking, they're coming up with a master plan," the 35-year-old heavyweight stated to 78Sports TV in July. "But my thing to him...man, you couldn't even get me out on loaded gloves and the conditions I was under last time."

"You couldn't knock me out, you didn't knock me out."

In a recent interview with Boxing Social, Tyson's father went on a tirade, threatening the Bronze Bomber with legal action should he continue with his unsubstantiated and slanderous assertions.

"I said it then, and I'll say it now: I don't like him," John Fury told Boxing Social in London on Tuesday. "He's a bad sportsman, he's a liar, and I would have him in court!"

"Let me tell you this much, Deontay Wilder...You keep coming out with them accusations, mate, and I'm in charge now; you'll be in court, pal!"

Despite continually regurgitating the glove and egg-weight allegations publicly, Team Wilder has never filed formal criminal charges, nor have they ever produced any evidence to support these claims.

John Fury seems to have had enough, not only threatening the former champ with a defamation suit, but potentially pulling out of an October 9th scheduled third fight as well.

"I want you to back up everything you've said in detail. So when the next press conference comes, you've got some explaining to do! Don't do me up, pal, because you're a liar! So, therefore, do not make any more bulls*** up, or you'll be in court! And you won't be getting a third fight, you'll be in a court of law! Let me tell you that, a court of law, because you're messing with me now, not Tyson!"

"Tyson is a fighting machine...he doesn't get interested in all that bulls***! But I do! "

"Keep making false accusations, and we're going to put you in court, mate!"

Will both fighters make it to October 9th to compete in the ring for a third time, or will legal issues once again hinder the scheduled trilogy?

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