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Teddy Atlas: “I want to see Gennady Golovkin tested in fights from this point forward”

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On Saturday, February 21st, from Monte Carlo, Monaco, Gennady Golovkin once again defended his versions of the 160 pound championship by bludgeoning a severely outgunned but valiant Martin Murray to earn a one-sided 11 round TKO.

Although most fight fans were thoroughly impressed with such a resounding victory over an “uncrowned champion” like Martin Murray, one outspoken television analyst and former fight trainer wasn’t terribly enthused of the outcome.

“Golovkin dominated again, like I thought he would do,” stated Teddy Atlas on the most recent episode of ESPN’s Friday Night Fights.

“The same way he dominate Geale, Rubio, Macklin…all of those guys. They’re all from the same cookie cutter. They are guys who are in front of you, but with no special talent…no special ability.

"You already know what the end result is going to be, whether it’s three rounds or eleven. You see a fight with one-sided rounds.”

“And I’m sick and tired of seeing it now.”

“I love Golovkin…love him. But I don’t want to see him in the ring with these guys anymore. "


"If he steps up against guys like Quillin, Jacobs, Froch, or Ward, then I’ll watch. But please, no more of these fighters because it proves nothing. I want to see what Golovkin really is, and you just can’t see that with opposition like Murray, Macklin, Geale, or Rubio.”

“I want to see Golovkin in tested fights from this point forward.”


Despite echoing the sentiment of many fight fans around the world, Teddy’s wish won’t become a boxing reality any time soon.

All of the perceived “tests” for Golovkin have either committed to other, seemingly safer match-ups, or have flat out turned down offers from Golovkin’s promoter, K2 Promotions. Although Triple G enjoys continued support from the biggest platform of boxing, HBO, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for the heavy handed Middleweight champion to attract other marquee names in and around the 160 pound weight division to throw-down with the Kazakh knock-out artist.

Most boxing fans have already begun banging the drum for a massive Middleweight showdown between Triple G and the current lineal 160 pound champ, Miguel Cotto. But don’t hold your breath until this fight materializes, or you could be turning blue well into 2017.

Because Cotto currently holds the distinction of WBC Middleweight Champion, the powerful sanctioning organization has ordered the four division world champion to defend his title against his mandatory opponent, Gennady Golovkin, later this year.

“We have instructed Miguel that he must fight Gennady as his mandatory challenger, next after he completes his voluntary defense in May or June, assuming of course that he’s successful,” stated WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman.

But this mandate means very little to the Puerto Rican star.

Although Cotto seems to have currently bought into the illusion that titles mean a great deal at the negotiating table, he whole-heartedly understands that the “Miguel Cotto” brand is much bigger than any Middleweight belt.

“No organization owns my career,” declared the current lineal Middleweight Champion in a recent interview with ESPN Deportes. “So I will do my part and what I want to do.”


Which leaves Golovkin with the same quandary he’s been forced to endure throughout the great majority of his career. Who will be the first marquee name with the stones to step in the ring with Gennady Golovkin and partake in a big, star-making PPV event?

Chavez Jr. turned down a career high $12 million, two-fight guarantee from HBO to face Triple G in 2014. Carl Froch has already stated to numerous media outlets that he considers Golovkin to be “too much risk for very little reward”.

Quillin and Jacobs have no desire to step in the ring with the current WBA and interim WBC Middleweight Champion anytime soon. Both Al Haymon fighters stand to make very healthy paydays for much less dangerous outings on mainstream television with “Premier Boxing Champions”.


Andre Ward is interested in facing the Middleweight mauler, but not until he’s become reacquainted with the ring and has participated in a few tune up bouts during the first half of 2015.

Mexican superstar Canelo Alvarez will have his hands full on May 9th with James Kirkland, and possibly with Miguel Cotto later this year if he gets past the hard charging Texas native.


None of the big names in and around the 160 pound weight class are interested in fighting Gennady Golovkin for the same reason…too much risk for the perceived reward.

So Teddy and many other boxing fans may not like Golovkin’s small list of willing opponents, but they’d better learn to love it…because Triple G’s situation isn’t changing anytime soon.

Expect Golovkin to fight the winner of David Lemieux vs. Hassan N’Dam for the IBF 160 pound title, or current WBO champ Andy Lee later this year for the WBC Middleweight Championship, vacated by Miguel Cotto.

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