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Gennady Golovkin vs James Kirkland on tap for April?

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Promoter Gary Shaw was unsuccessful in matching his middleweight, Daniel Geale, with surging WBA/IBO champion Gennady Golovkin because HBO apparently has other ideas. Shaw recently told BoxingScene:

"I spoke with HBO, and they say they are looking at other options."

" I know GGG wants to fight Geale. They offered us a fight for Monte Carlo but Geale wants to be on HBO."

"After the Barker fight, HBO said they wanted Geale back, but now there is silence."

"What could be a truer test for GGG than a former world champion, a true 160-pounder - unless HBO wants to put in a 154-pounder or move him up to 168."

"This is the type of fight that would have made HBO proud in the past," Shaw added.

Perhaps Golovkin vs Geale would have made HBO excited prior to James Kirkland's resurgence last month against Glen Tapia (then 20-0)?

In that bout, a Fight of the Year candidate, Tapia unleashed a barrage of punches in the opening round that seemingly had James, who hadn't fought in over a year, badly hurt. But Kirkland weathered the storm and, for awhile, the two engaged in an action-packed, all-out brawl,

When Tapia began to fade in the third round, James administered a hellacious beating on his foe until the bout was stopped in Round 6.

Like Kirkand's 2011 victory over Alfredo Angulo, it was the kind of fight that will remain etched in fans' memories so HBO undoubtedly realizes Gennady Golovkin vs James Kirkland would be must-see TV for boxing connoisseurs and casual fans alike.

Moreover, Kirkland, at 32-1, 28 KOs, is not exactly a 'gimme' opponent nor a human punching bag. He's also 'thrown down' with some fairly formidable foes such as Alfredo Angulo, Carlos Molina, Joel Julio and Brian Vera and may represent Golovkin's most threatening challenge to date.

Unlike Daniel Geale, Kirkland has never won a major world title but the latter's style of fighting and punching power make him more attractive to the masses so it appears HBO is angling for Gennady Golovkin vs James Kirkland on April 26.

If Gennady (28-0, 25 KO) defeats the unheralded Osumanu Adama (22-3, 16KOs) in February, look for Golovkin vs Kirkland to be announced soon thereafter provided Golovkin doesn't suffer an injury and the money is right for Kirkland.

Fun Fact: At the moment, Golovkin and Kirkland have a combined record of 60-1, 53 KOs.

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