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Gennady Golovkin vs Miguel Cotto? Freddie Roach sidesteps question

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The WBC has mandated its middleweight champion, Miguel Cotto, to face the winner of Saturday's showdown between Gennady Golovkin and Martin Murray.

Will Cotto face the winner?

Perhaps it depends on the outcome.

When recently asked about the prospects for Cotto vs Golovkin, Miguel's trainer, Freddie Roach insisted he wasn't scared of the fighter dubbed 'Triple G.'

And when informed that Golovkin's trainer, Abel Sanchez, stated his man would dispatch Miguel Cotto in under five rounds, Roach failed to fire back with his usual bravado, focusing more Golovkin's resume than his fighter's chances against Triple G.

"I don't fear Triple G, but I don't have to fight him" (Laugh)


"I think it [Cotto vs Golovkin] would be a very competitive fight. "He [Golovkin] hasn't fought anybody yet. "

"These names he's been fighting, I mean, they're not that good."

"Let's face it."

When queried directly about what would happen if the 5'7" Cotto fought Golovkin, Roach simply insisted size was overrated.

"He [Cotto] was much smaller than Martinez and he kicked his a**. Size doesn't really mean much in boxing."

"I do think his [Golovkin] ring generalship is really good. He impresses me with his ring generalship..."

"But my fighter knows it well also, how to control the ring."

Usually a big cheerleader for the fighters he trains, the Hall of Fame mentor is known for dishing out smack on his fighters' behalf. But interestingly, the usually-confident, boastful Roach didn't exactly lobby for his pupil in a way fans have grown accustomed to.

He also failed to answer the question regarding what would happen in a Cotto vs Golovkin match-up, sidestepping a direct reply like a sly politician running for re-election.

Already the lineal/RING Magazine champion, many speculate Miguel, who is small for a middleweight, will relinquish his WBC strap rather than face Golovkin, should the latter prevail this weekend.

If Gennady Golovkin eventually adds the WBC title to his collection of belts, not much would change. Golovkin would still be considered the world's best middleweight while Cotto would maintain the more prestigious status as the division's lineal belt-holder.

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