George Foreman III in Action

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George Foreman III will fight at the Lonestar Event Center in Tyler tonight and his legendary father, George Foreman, Sr., will be there to support him.

"The most important thing about tomorrow night is bringing boxing to the area," said Foreman, Sr yesterday to Texas's KLTV. "I'd like to hover around and bring more boxing to the area. Introduce my son. He's exciting once he gets out there. And tomorrow there will be a lot of great fighters on the card, we'll just be one of many."

The younger Foreman, a heavyweight like his father, is 6'5" (196 cm) and sports a record of 13-0 with 12 knockouts with eight knockouts in the first round.

As a youngster, Foreman often watched his father train and sat ringside when his father was doing color commentary. He always loved boxing, but never got involved with the sport until his early teens.

When he was 19, Foreman III went to the gym to do some sparring, but never went back because he did not want his father to find out. His mother,Andre Skeete-Foreman, never thought that he would ever become a boxer because he was so calm and would never lose his temper.

Foreman earned his BBA from Rice University where he studied Business and Sports Management, and went on to serve as the business manager of his father's empire and executive vice president of George Foreman Enterprises, Inc.

Foreman III starred on the E! network's reality series Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive.

Source: Wikipedia, Oct 27

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