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Saturday, September 10, at a sold-out O2 Arena in London, England, current Middleweight kingpin Gennady 'GGG' Golovkin (35-0, 32 KOs) will defend his WBC, IBF, and IBO titles against reigning IBF Welterweight champ Kell Brook (36-0, 25 KOs) in this war of undefeated, pound for pound punchers.

GGG vs Brook will be broadcast in the United States at a special live start time of 5:30PM ET on HBO World Championship Boxing, and shown in the UK on Sky Sports Box Office with a price tag of £16.95 and a start time of 6:00PM BST.

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Although the controversial match-up has been widely criticized by die hard fans, as well as several respected boxing scribes, due to the original 13 pound weight difference between the two men, the 160 pound championship fight seems to have captured the imagination of the entire boxing community and has become one of the hottest events of 2016.

GGG vs Brook sold 20K tickets in only 11 minutes on Friday, July 15th.

So why are fans buzzing about this championship super-fight?

Both fighters come into this bout as undefeated champions, with an impressive combined record of 71 wins, 0 losses with 57 victories by KO. The two confident fighters are also perceived as the best of their respective divisions. And in the current landscape in which the public is clamoring to see the "best compete against the best", GGG vs. Kell Brook is exactly that...regardless of the difference in weight classes.

At the time of publication, GGG, the naturally bigger man and harder puncher, is justifiably listed as the favored champion, currently sitting at a competitive 6 to 1 (-598) betting favorite on most Race and Sports Books, while the seemingly more athletic boxer/puncher, Kell Brook, is slated as a very live 4 1/2 to 1 (+454) betting underdog.

Who wins this battle of unbeaten knock-out artists on Saturday night?

Let's look at the "Keys to Victory" for both men!!

Gennady 'GGG' Golovkin (35-0, 32 KOs) - To successfully defend his Middleweight titles and keep his perfect record intact on Saturday night, GGG absolutely must cut off the reaction time of his seemingly more athletic challenger, who appears to possess the better reflexes and overall speed. That means, he has to cut off the ring, close the distance and work effectively in the other words, Golovkin has to be Golovkin this weekend.

Because the title challenger is a sharp puncher as well, the incumbent champ must actively move his upper body and head while moving into range, regularly working behind a mixture of jabs to the body and head to avoid any incoming shots and disrupt Brook's timing and rhythm.

GGG also has to keep his opponent from tying him up while he's attempting to work on the inside.

Because the British favorite has no defense or offense underneath, Kell's only strategy to offset Golovkin's strengths on the inside is to hold GGG. Gennady can effectively stay out of clinches by keeping his elbows tucked in close to his body while throwing short, compact shots to the body and head, and also pivoting while working in the pocket.

Awesome GGG highlights

If GGG can successfully take away Kell Brook's advantage from mid to long range while punishing Special K to the body and head when in range, Gennady Golovkin will decisively win on Saturday night, and score a big hit in the UK!!

Kell Brook (36-0, 28 KOs) - To pull off what would largely be considered one of the most substantial upsets in recent history, Kell Brook has to control range and distance with his footwork and jab, boxing effectively in circles and staying off the ropes or out of the corners. He absolutely must stay out of the "danger zones" in which Gennady likes to trap and punish his opponents.

Brook has to remember to focus on establishing a fast, stinging jab to set up traps for Golovkin as he's attempting to close the distance. When he is able to catch GGG while he's trying to move into range, Special K can't stay in the pocket and "admire his work". 

Brook absolutely has to pivot around Golovkin after he fires off a quick 1-2 down the middle, or left hook/straight right hand combination, turning him and forcing Gennady to reset and restart his attempt to close the distance, while boxing once again from mid long range.

Kell Brook explosive KO highlights

Boxing 101 is the primary key to victory for Kell Brook in this fight.

Stay from mid to long range, while using a precision jab and keeping it in Golovkins face.

If Kell Brook can to continue to box proficiently for all twelve rounds and doesn't get baited into a fire fight at any point in the contest with one of the hardest pound for pound punchers in boxing, he has a chance to pull off the upset and become the new, unified Middleweight champion of the world!!

GGG vs Brook Prediction - Despite rumors of Gennady Golovkin being sick during fight week, or having a less than stellar training camp, the former Silver medal winning Olympian knows how to operate when the spotlight is upon him. When Brook gets hit by the first meaningful Golovkin left hook to the body or head, the fight will immediately take on a much different complexion, with GGG having his way with the athletic Briton.

The fight will be interesting and competitive throughout the first two or three rounds, but once Golovkin starts to figure out the movement of Kell Brook, and subsequently starts to close the distance between the two champions, the end will be imminent.

Expect to see Gennady Golovkin dish out a slow, painful beating over seven action filled rounds.

Gennady 'GGG' Golovkin KO7 over Kell Brook

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