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Golovkin vs Brook: Is GGG taking Brook seriously in training?

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At the Summit Gym in Big Bear Lake, California, current Middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin and head trainer Abel Sanchez are making their final preparations in camp before they leave for London, England, where GGG will be defending his coveted titles against current IBF Welterweight champ Kell Brook.

The elite level boxing coach admitted to FightHub TV during a recent media day workout that Gennady's training regimen has been a bit different for this "special" adversary.

"Normally the training camps are all the same, but this time we have guys who are a little shorter, a little faster, who are trying to mimic what Kell is going to do in the ring," stated Abel Sanchez to FightHub TV.

"But I always train my fighters to be 100% themselves, and to view their opponents as merely a bump in the road. If I start adapting to someone else, my guys won't be 100%."

When asked what he thought of the "unusual" sparring partners used throughout this specific 'Golovkin vs Brook' camp, Gennady seemed pleased with his overall preparation.

"Abel brings new strategy, new style," explained GGG to FightHub TV. "Not different, just little bit for speed. He brings very good sparring partners. I have three sparring partners…very good guys."

" This time's very nice…very good atmosphere. I feel great, and I think it's very good fight. Not difficult, just different. Little bit different style."

"Different size, different speed, different style… we're going to the UK. Everything's different. I think this is great fight for us."

Although Brook currently holds the distinction of being the IBF 147 pound champion, the popular British fighter tipped the scales at a surprising 176 pounds during the WBC's customary 30 day weigh-in protocol. Coach Abel believes the added weight could prove to be disastrous for the September 10 challenger.

"I think with him weighing in at 176, I think they're trying to bulk up, they're trying to be strong, and I think that he may want to stick around and fight Gennady in the pocket," said Sanchez.

(Image courtesy of Hustleboss.com)

"He may not move as much because he's going to be a lot heavier. At least that's what it indicates to me. I may be totally wrong. I know that the Ingles are a great team. They're probably the best trainers in England. So I know they'll have him prepared, and I know they'll have a game plan."

"But the added weight tells me that they won't be moving as much, maybe not go toe to toe, but maybe not as much movement as they've shown in the past."

If the astute fight trainer's theory proves to be a correct one, the chances of the main event at the O2 Arena going a full twelve rounds are not very good. Abel believes the fight may not reach the half-way mark.

"I think it's (Golovkin vs Brook) a five to six round fight. Anybody who stands in front of Golovkin is getting knocked out. Anybody who stands within distance of Golovkin is getting knocked out. Anybody who doesn't move from Golovkin is getting knocked out. And if they can't hurt Gennady, they're in trouble."

Gennady is positive the fight won't go the distance if Brook elects to "bang" with him in the pocket.

"If he stays in front with me, I think this finished and I beat him," professes the avoided Middleweight fighter. "I think if he's moving, it'll be a little bit longer. Maybe not decision fight…maybe ten rounds, eight rounds. I just need a couple of rounds to understand my strategy. I change and I find him."

"This is boxing and I respect him. He's coming in my division…he's undefeated and he's champion. I like fight. I want to bring big drama show to UK fans. I won't give him chance for decision. I think I beat him. I think it's amazing day for us."

Golovkin vs Brook, the middleweight title fight between undefeated champions, will take place on September 10, at the O2 Arena in London, England, and broadcast live in America at 5:30PM ET/PT on HBO.

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