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Golovkin vs Murray prediction: There are some fighters GGG won't be able to KO

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Throughout boxing history, all knockout artists have confronted those one or two very special opponents; men they couldn't knockout, even in their prime or relatively close.

In 1951, Rocky Marciano (49-0, 43 KO) failed to stop a fella named Willis Applegate who had fought only once in two years and sported a modest record of 11-14-2.

Applegate fought hard for ten rounds in losing a unanimous decision to the 'Brockton Blockbuster.'

And even the greatest of all heavyweight punchers, George Foreman, couldn't dispatch Levi Forte (19-21-2) who, despite being knocked down in Round 2, survived to hear the judges' tally at the conclusion of Round 10.

Moreover, Evander Holyfield and Jimmy Young managed to go twelve with Foreman when Big George was still a proverbial knockout machine.

Some fighters, for whatever reason, don't succumb to the punching prowess of knockout artists and that applies to boxers in all divisions, not only heavyweights.

Top contender Martin Murray, a massive underdog, will face WBO middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin next week and very few give the challenger a chance to go the distance let alone win.

Gennady has a bloodcurdling 90 percent knockouts-to-fights ratio and has KO'd his last 18 opponents.

But if anyone can hang tough with Golovkin for twelve rounds it's Martin Murray who insists Golovkin is not unbeatable.

“It’s a tough fight, I’m under no illusions. Golovkin is a punching power machine, but I have the tools to beat him. I expect it will be tough and I’ll need to go through pain, but I’m prepared for that, whatever it takes," the Brit told Liverpool Echo.

At 29-1-1 with 12 knockouts, some insist Murray could or should be 31-0.

Despite outlanding his foe 258 to 182 in overall punches and 184 to 90 in powershots, his December 2011 bout with Felix Sturm was ruled a draw, generating outrage by many who believed Murray had been robbed a win.

And in April 2013, Murray gave then-lineal champ Sergio Martinez all the latter could handle through the first nine rounds, evening flooring his foe in Round 8. The fight was very close with many having it scored even while others had Martinez or Murray winning narrowly.

At no point in the bout was Murray hurt or even staggered but the same cannot be said of Martinez.

In preparing for Golovkin, Murray has undergone intense training at high altitudes in sweltering Johannesburg, South Africa.

His adviser, Andrew Mikhail, described Murray's workouts as “pure hell."

He trains three times daily, pushing himself to the limit day after day under the scorching South African sun.

“Golovkin has two hands like me, but he’s not unbeatable. I’m certainly not going to get into the ring fearing him. Never.”

"A lot of things brought me to this world title. I’m doing it for myself, for my family. When I signed with Golden Gloves, this was the end deal: a massive fight. I’m coming off some good wins and I feel I’m ready."

Awkward and possessing a fine sense of range, can the uber-conditioned Murray utilize that special, natural rhythm to keep Golovkin from landing his bombs cleanly?

Can Martin Murray do the unthinkable and unseat boxing's WBO middleweight champion and boxing's most destructive fighter?

South African trainer and former welterweight title challenger Harold Volbrecht, who used to train Brian Mitchell and Corrie Sanders, has observed Martin Murray's workouts and is now a believer in the 32 year old Brit.

“Martin is very underrated," stated Volbrecht.

"It’s good to go in as the underdog. He’s the consummate pro and will leave nothing to chance. I don’t rate Golovkin technically, but he’s very strong."

"A lot of people may be in for a surprise come February 21.”

Golovkin vs Murray will take place February 21 and will be broadcast live on HBO AT 5:45 PM ET in the U.S. and on Channel 5 in the U.K.
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