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Horn vs Corcoran purses: Aussie set for a big raise

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Did Australian boxer Jeff Horn hit the jackpot by being selected as a 'showcase' opponent for fight legend Manny Pacquiao?

(Image courtesy of The Daily Telegraph AU)

Horn, of course, would go on to shock PacMan, winning a controversial decision over him last summer. For that fight, Horn was purportedly paid $500,000, by far the highest purse of his career at the time (Pacquiao was believed to have earned $10 Million).

Earlier this week, it was announced Horn's first title defense will be December 13 against England's Gary Corcoran (17-1, 7 KOs) in Brisbane. And for the second time in as many fights, Horn is set to receive a sweet raise.

Yes, Horn will earn nearly $1 Million for the fight which is likely to be a showcase against a presumed overmatched opponent.

We don't have details yet on Corcoran's purse but we'll update the page when we do. We suspect it will be between $60,000 and $100,000.

A celebrity in Australia now, Horn will face Pacquiao or Terence Crawford in March or April 2018, should he defeat Corcoran. And rest-assured, Jeff will receive a minimum of $1 Million regardless of who it is.

In you're Team Horn, you're hoping Manny doesn't retire before their tentatively-planned rematch. Pacquiao's iconic status, Horn's newfound star power and the controversy and bad blood from the first bout would generate heightened international interest in a Pacquiao vs Horn rematch - and more revenue.

Jeff's higher purses will not only enhance his lifestyle, but will likely impact his training. More funds, if spent wisely, might equate to better nutrition, enhanced training facilities and a higher quality of overall training and tutelage.

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