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Ivan Drago: Creed 2 | What happened after Rocky 4?

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In this latest Creed segment, Rocky's protege, Adonis Creed, faces Russian Viktor Drago, the son of his father's killer, Ivan.

And yes, appearing in a Rocky movie for the first time since Rocky 4 (1985), Dolph Lundgren will reprise his role as the infamous Drago.

Ivan Drago of the Rocky series is one of the most iconic movie bad guys in history so it's no surprise he's getting as much buzz as  Creed's star characters, Balboa and his protege, Adonis.

We saw him in the very successful, extremely entertaining Rocky 4 and he's back 33 years later.

Drago was a 20-something boxing champion and Olympic gold medalist from the Soviet Union who had been groomed to fight from childhood. In fact, the 'Soviet killing machine' was, according to Russian experts, the most perfectly trained athlete ever and invincible in the ring.

So what happened to Ivan Drago after killing Apollo Creed and subsequently losing to Rocky Balboa in Rocky 4?

Perhaps Creed 2 will shed some light for us but here is what we know so far...

Drago went from hero to goat very quickly. He became an outcast after losing to Balboa and his life was sent into a tailspin.

Heavily favored against the much smaller Balboa in the most-watched boxing event ever, the Soviet's loss was the quintessential embarrassment to the USSR who boasted to the world they'd created an unbeatable fighting machine. Following the loss, he was likely rejected by his countrymen and never able to shake that "betrayer" stigma.

Moreover, we also know his son, Viktor, comes from modest means so the elder Drago has probably been living in semi-poverty following his KO loss to Rocky 33 years ago.

Earlier this month, Lundgren shared more details about what to expect from Drago this time around:

"He's lost everything -- his country, his wife, his respect and he's been living as an outcast when we find him," he told Celebtainment.

"The only thing he has that's worth anything, apart from his drive for redemption, is his son who is another heavyweight fighter."

An angry man

Forget that Drago are Rocky are probably something like 60 and 72, respectively, right now. Drago wants a piece real bad, even if Rocky is physically ill and still battling cancer.

And when questioned if Drago and Rocky fight again, Lundgren offered a mysterious reply.

"You'll have to see the picture but there is a surprise in that realm I would think, yes."

"That's all I can say."

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