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Rumors, fan commentary and all kinds of innuendo and fan speak about Saturday's big heavyweight title rematch between Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz is being posted on Reddit, a social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website where registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, and images, which are then voted up or down by other members.

... The Joshua vs Ruiz 2 Reddit buzz has reached a fever pitch with less than 48 hours before fight time.

And some of these posts are pretty interesting. For example, one registrant posted a video from Round 3 of Joshua vs Ruiz 1 and noticed AJ, after landing a hard shot cleany, took a bit too long to admire his work and got caught - and hurt - by a Ruiz combination that would ultimately change the complexion of the fight.

And in this video, posted by a Reddit user, Joshua insists he knows exactly why he lost the first fight to Ruiz, hinting there was something wrong. Good find!

Also, another user found a great read on BBC entitled Anthony Joshua v Andy Ruiz II: Four talking points from fight week so far. Another excellent find.

Some of the comments are worthwhile as well.

About the commentary for the first fight:

"I agree. I had to watch from DAZN the first time, but I enjoyed the Sky commentary so much more when I rewatched the fight."

"Sky sports commentary is amazing. Sure they're biased for UK guys but that's fine. They call what they're seeing and do it with enthusiasm."

About the shots Joshua landed and Ruiz absorbed:

"AJ hit him with some more hellacious shots in the rounds after. Ruiz didn’t even buckle. AR’s chin is definitely a plus in a fight of this magnitude. AJ’s best chance is to box his way to a victory. However, AJ has never been a perfect boxer. He has lapses all the time in his previous fights. Ruiz will catch him. The question is, how will AJ take it? Also, will AJ be able to stick to his game plan once he tastes leather. I believe that he won’t be able to."

"Ya that was an absolute bomb. Body and hips were into it and Ruiz just ate it and kept plugging away."

"Reminds me of the shot Wilder landed right after Fury rose from the dead."

And they discuss strategy:

"If AJ uses his reach the rematch should be his. All he has to do is use the on- two and tie him up..And how Ruiz took that right hand I’ll never know; the Mexican style came out when he hit the floor."

"I disagree. AJ definitely can't just outbox Ruiz from a distance. This round is proof that Ruiz is more than willing to bite into punches just to get inside. He needs to use his reach advantage, sure, but I don't think he has what it takes to keep Ruiz away for a whole fight."

"This is my concern, that the ref will allow AJ to hug his way to a victory a la Wladimir in some of his fights."

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