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Juan Manuel Marquez scrutinized by Victor Conte on Twitter

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In the aftermath of four division world champion Juan Manuel Marquez’s unanimous decision victory over Mike Alvarado, which took place this past Saturday night in Inglewood, California, anti-doping advocate and nutritionist Victor Conte has been extremely busy expressing his feelings concerning several factors surrounding the WBO Welterweight eliminator bout via Twitter. Since pleading guilty to steroid distribution and money laundering in 2005, and subsequently serving a sentence of four months in a prison camp and four months of home detention, Victor has been one of the strongest proponents for cleaning up the “hurt business” and implementing new policies for more stringent and mandatory drug testing within the antiquated sport of boxing.

The former bassist for popular 70’s funk band “Tower of Power” consequently decided to boycott watching the highly anticipated contest, making a very controversial claim on the social network.

Victor Conte [email protected] May 17
RT @theboxingbrains: due 2 my disgust 4 doping in Boxing I shall not watch Marquez/Alvarado. Marvel all you want JMM is doping @Vada_Testing

Victor Conte [email protected] May 17
Many boxers will do whatever it takes 2 be competitive. No random testing means more who feel they must use PEDs 2 be on a level field.

Victor Conte ‏@VictorConte 20h
Can't help but wonder if @bobarum believes Marquez is a clean fighter? IMO Memo @guruscience needs investigation. If it walks & quacks...

The respected sports nutritionist also pointed out the some noticeable deviations in the Mexican fight legend’s appearance leading into his fight with Alvarado.

Victor Conte ?@VictorConte May 17
JMM is 40 yrs old w/ muslces poping out, acne all over his chest, @Guruscience Memo as his trainer & @BobArum & boxing do get it

Victor Conte ?@VictorConte 16h
Wonder if we may start 2 see betting odds suddenly change b4 future fights based upon pimples observed on a boxer at the weigh-in?

Victor Conte ?@VictorConte 17h
@BrandonSpano @TwoPieceBoxing @Guruscience @b_low77 Does boxing know that elevated testosterone levels in teen males can cause acne?

box a conte cr 576

Conte also tweeted a couple of internet flurries directed towards promoters and state athletic commissions.

Victor Conte [email protected] May 16
How long will boxing continue 2 promote a 40 yr old boxer using PEDs 2 train & perform like a 20 yr old? Why not mandate random testing? $$$

Victor Conte [email protected] 20h
@onearsenewenger The PED testing done by state commissions is a joke. Marquez vs Alvarado w/ NO TESTING is a strong statement about boxing

Victor Conte [email protected] 17h
@bobarum & Richard Schaefer do seem to agree on one thing. Random PED testing is risky & longer boxing careers do make more money 4 them

Victor Conte [email protected] 18h
@Nineve23 @Guruscience @BobArum It's 2014 & boxing knows it has a serious PED problem. What happened to NSAC random testing? What a joke

Victor Conte [email protected] 18h
@KingPin_O1 @stevemaxboxing If a boxer walks & quacks like a duck, boxing promoters decide 2 look the other way? The PED problem is growing!

Victor Conte [email protected] 18h
IMO. Boxing promoters deserve most of the blame 4 the rampant use of PEDs. They have most of the control & responsibility that comes with it

Will the insightful and passionate messages from Mr. Conte be noticed and taken seriously by the more influential members of the boxing community, or will the tweets merely get swept under the rug and disregarded?

Mr. Conte's Twitter page can be accessed here


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