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Juan Manuel Marquez Shocks Everyone; KOs Pacquiao in Six

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The prospect of Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez facing each other for the fourth time excited some and left others frustrated by the repeats. But I was excited.

They always put everything into their bouts and for that reason I would watch them 100 times.

Juan Marquez promised a knockout and he delivered. Many thought he had a good chance of winning but Pacquiao has a great chin so few, including me, could see anyone knocking him out.

The fight was fast paced from the start. Pacquiao looked like his old self but Marquez scored a knock down early, leaving an impression that anything could happen.

Although Pacquiao was floored by a bone-crunching hook in Round 3, he got his revenge in Round 5 forcing Marquez to lose his balance and briefly touch the canvas.

Round 6 was great action. Towards the end of the round, both men rallied looking to steal it. I, like some, thought it would end soon when Juan Manuel Marquez looked to be in trouble on the ropes - And it would end soon but  for the wrong man.

As Pacquiao lunged inside to unleash his shots, Marquez slipped to the side and countered with a short punch that smashed into Pacquiao's face.

With one second to go, Pacquiao fell face first into the canvas. He remained there for over a minute leaving people fearing for his health.

I'm not big on statistics but they are interesting to some. Pacquiao had landed 94 punches opposed to Marquez landing 52. All 3 judges had Pacquiao winning - And they were getting it right this time.


Lucky Punch?
Yes and no. It seemed like Marquez had practiced it and had planned for the right moments to unleash it. So how can that be lucky? But considering he was losing and appeared badly hurt at times, he was lucky it worked so well. Pacquiao always starts quickly but slows as the fight progresses while Marquez 'steps it up' later on. Had it not been for the knockout, the result would have been another close decision.

The Future
Manny Pacquiao is one of my all time favourites. PacMan is a legend and everyone should be thankful for the many wars he has given us.

He has nothing left to prove and I would love to see him retire as a 'great'. 

Manny can still compete and beat most boxers but he doesn't need to. And the fact he was winning against Marquez doesn't count for much. It's boxing and one punch can change a fight. As a result, the best boxer doesn't always win.

Sadly, Pacquiao has stated he wants to continue. Both Pacquiao and Mayweather have made boxing appealing to so many but risk their impeccable reputations by continuing past their due dates.

Both have given me the impression that they are just hanging on to the top spot.

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather were once so far ahead of everyone else but the youth are approaching fast.

The future is all about the next generation of fighters such as Saul Alvarez and Andre Ward. People will always pay to watch the old greats, but that doesn't make it right for them to carry on.

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