Kimbo Slice vs Roy Jones Jr: Probably a No-Go

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In September, it was rumored fight legend and former multi-division champion Roy Jones Jr. (56-8, 40 KO) would meet the famous street fighter turned mixed martial artist turned boxer Kimbo Slice (6-0, 5 KO).

But much to the relief of most boxing purists, its looking like Jones vs Slice won't happen anytime soon.

There were apparently in-depth discussions but an agreement couldn't be reached. 

Currently in Russia on a music tour, Jones told BoxingScene via, "I don't think it will happen. That's something I don't see happening."

The future hall of famer, who will be 44 in January, started his career as a middleweight and is still much smaller than Kimbo Slice.

The boxing legend's prime years were during the 90s and arguably as a super middleweight (168 lbs). To date, he's lost 4 of his last 8 bouts.

Although Jones would have likely been favored over his much larger foe, many believed Jones vs Slice would have disgraced the sport.

Jones added, "I would like to have three more fights. I think that's enough."

Three fights?

Is James Toney on the horizon? Evander Holyfield? Antonio Tarver? And please, don't consider Anderson Silva or Butterbean, Roy.

Is Marco Huck vulnerable?


What about WBO Cruiserweight Champion Marco Huck? He would likely consider Jones. After all, Huck's had three bruising bouts this year - a loss, a draw and a highly controversial win. Although officially 1-1-1 in his last three bouts, the German, according to some, should be 0-3. Perhaps Team Huck will seek out an easier challenge for his next bout and Jones' name will be on a short list of possible opponents?

In June before a raucous crowd in Lodz, Poland, 43 year old Roy Jones Jr (55-8, 40 KO) won a split decision over last minute substitute Pawel Glazewski (then 17-0, 4 KO), a somewhat novice, untested light heavyweight.

The bout was contested at cruiserweight and Glazewski, just days prior to the bout, was penciled in as a replacement for an opponent rated much higher than himself. Given Jones barely defeated a light heavyweight substitute who had little time to prepare, one can only surmise what would have happened had he faced the top-rated cruiserweight as planned.

Jones was even knocked down in the sixth by a hard left hook but didn't appear hurt. However, Pawel's flurry in the closing seconds seemed to stun Jones as the legend looked to be out of options and failed to immediately offer a strong offensive in return.

The scores were 96-93 and 96-94 for Jones and 94-95 for Glazewski. Boos erupted after the winner was announced as some in attendance thought the Pole had pulled off the upset.  FightSaga scored it 95-94 for Glazewski, citing the bout could have conceivably gone either way.

Jones' win was supposed to guarantee him a title shot at WBC Cruiserweight Champion Krzysztof Wlodarczyk (47-2-1, 33KOs) but that bout never materialized.

Win or lose the next time out, hopefully Jones has dropped the idea of lending himself to sideshows and circus acts a la Kimbo Slice, Anderson Silva, Butterbean, Floyd Mayweather Sr, Hulk Hogan, RG3, Harry Potter and anyone else Jones might have been considering along those lines. 

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