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Tonight, WBC jr middleweight champion Erislandy Lara (25-2-2, 14 KOs) faces his IBF peer Jarrett Hurd (21-0, 15 KOs) in what may be a title unification beauty.

BoxingConversations on YouTube shared his insight on the showdown and offered his own Lara vs Hurd prediction.

"I think Lara is a helluva fighter...helluva fighter."

"Great ring generalship and has the ability to outbox him easily."

[But] "He's Cuban with a belt and that tells you everything you need to know if you're a real boxing fan."

Yes, a lot of fans and judges don't like that amateur, very defensive style the Cubans often bring. It's that style, in fact, that may have cost Lara the fight against Canelo who was viewed by many as the effective aggressor and the one 'making the fight happen.'

Some insist Lara gave Canelo a boxing lesson while others assert the Cuban's incessant retreating cost him points in the scoring, especially in the middle rounds where he appeared to be in survival mode.

Should Lara vs Hurd go the distance, the latter might be more likely to get the benefit of in a close fight if the judges have a preference for activity rate and aggression.

"Ten out of ten times I would pick Lara to win," the commenter added. My boxing logic says 'tale Lara' but my gut and my intuition say 'take Hurd," stated the young man who insists he hasn't made a wrong prediction since 2016.


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"I'm going with Hurd on the wear down. I think he's younger... Lara's body physically doesn't look the same.... Relatively speaking he's still in phenomenal shape."

"My intuition is saying 'go with Hurd."

Many forget Erislandy Lara isn't far removed from having perfect record as both of his losses to Canelo and Paul Williams were deemed controversial. Moreover, although he's been floored a few times but we've never seen in in dire straits.

Who cares if he's 34? Erislandy is one of the more gifted athletes in the sport, with his masterful footwork serving as the foundation of his defense.

A southpaw, he will often throw the right hand from different angles as well, mixing the right hook, uppercut, and stiff jab from various distances, making it extremely difficult to anticipate and defend against. Watch this, tonight.

My Lara vs Hurd Prediction: Erislandy by late rounds KO

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