Lemieux vs Saunders scoring: Horrendous

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Tonight, WBO middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders appeared to have pitched a shutout against David Lemieux yet two of the three judges scored it 117-111 and 118-110 for the former.

Fortunately, the other judge called it correctly, 120-108, so all judging credibility wasn't lost.

"Anything other than that is a disgrace. 120-108. EASY to score," said ESPN's Dan Rafael on Twitter prior to the decision announcement.

“Rounds for Lemiuex is a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Horrible judges,” he wrote after the scores were rendered.

It was a brilliant - and entertaining - display of hit-and-don't-be-hit boxing as Billy Joe landed hard jabs, straight lefts, hooks and uppercuts while forcing the aggressive Lemieux to air-condition the arena from start to finish.

Saunders did whatever he wanted, even showboating often.

Lemieux's winning two or three rounds is hardly conceivable, even if all three judges had a historical penchant for  aggression. David was aggressive but far from effective.

In fact, if not for David's world class power, this fight may have been stopped after Round 7 or 8.

Not only did Billy Joe appear to win every round, he seemed to have won every minute of every round. 

Lemieux managed a small rally in the last 30 seconds of Round 11 but even that shouldn’t have been enough to overcome Saunders' workrate, ring generaliship and clean punching in the prior 2 1/2 minutes of that stanza.

Home town cooking
Lemieux was fighting at home at a packed house in  Quebec, Canada, and he was the A-side.  As a result, we'd expect him to get the benefit of the doubt in close rounds, but awarding him 2 and 3 rounds is egregious to say the least.

Which rounds were those, exactly?

David tried mightily to land significant shots and his heart is as big as Canada but he, at best, can only make a case for a 10-10 Round 12.

Something needs to done about scoring as it relates to gifting A-side fighters in main events. Perhaps judges are swayed by the crowd?

Tonight, David managed to draw a few roars when he threw more than one or two shots at a time; But nothing landed so he shouldn't have been awarded as if he'd connected on riveting, eye-catching shots.

At least one judge wasn't fooled.


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