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Lennox Lewis discusses Klitschko vs. Chisora on Twitter

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Moments ago on Twitter, former Lineal Heavyweight Champion Lennox Lewis treated fans with his insight into this weekend's WBC title fight between Vitali Klitschko and Dereck Chisora.

"Vitali Klitschko vs Dereck Chisora", for all intents and purposes is a mismatch. In my era, you couldn't get a world title fight just 17 bouts into your career. At this stage it seems Chisora should be fighting for a European belt. Chisora is still a bit too green for the Klitschkos."

"But this is the state of the heavyweight division; where fights like this can actually take place. The young talent needs time and experience first."

The former Heavyweight Champion has labeled this era of Heavyweight mismatches as the dreaded Klitschko Gap.

"The Klitschko Gap: The period of time when the experienced old guard is too old and the young talent is still too green. The young upcoming talent should be left to sort it out among themselves and gain real experience before taking a shot at the Klitschkos."

"Unfortunately for the Klitschkos, they have to fight someone. If they won't fight each other, we will keep getting these types of match-ups. You can't beat the Klitschkos by fighting on the outside. That's all they know and they both fight tall very well. A fighter has to be willing to get inside. A fighter has to close the distance to beat them."

"David Haye didn't do a good job of this and because of their size and reach, it is much easier said than done."

Dereck Chisora was personally chosen by Vitali Klitschko as an opponent for his voluntary title defense because of the 28 year old's gallant but losing effort against Robert Helenius on December 3rd of last year in Helsinki, Finland.

Although not outside of the realm of possibility, Lewis feels that the young British fighter's chances of dethroning Vitali Klitschko are slim at best.

"Chisora has a punchers chance. Rahman could never outbox me or beat me on points, but he had a punchers chance when we fought for the first time. But, anything can happen when you get in that ring."

Even if Chisora's fans don't appreciate the candor and wisdom of Lewis, they would be wise to heed the ominous warning for Saturday, February 18th.

"You have to understand, the Klitschkos are big, tall, and know how to fight. They have such a physical advantage over others and know how to use it. Coupled with their experience and skills, it's not surprising that they own the division."

"Their competition is either too old, unconditioned, or too young...the Klitschko Gap."

To the current crop of young heavyweights in the sport, Lennox offers a few nuggets of wisdom.

"I haven't seen David Price, Seth Mitchell, or Deontay Wilder enough to form a very good opinion, but from what I've heard they are good and up and coming talent. For the upcoming talent, they really need to take their time to gain experience. Don't rush into title bouts."

The former undisputed Heavyweight Champion even had time to answer some of his detractors regarding his previous bout with Dr. Iron Fist.

A fight fan from England asked Lewis why he tells everyone else how to beat the Klitschkos, but retired before facing the 6'7" Vitali Klitschko in a highly anticipated rematch.

Lennox responded with a resounding reply, "Ha! I'm the last one to do so, and I'm smart enough to know when I'm past my prime."

One of the many fight fans who were tweeting the all time great heavyweight even mentioned that he felt Vitali was on the verge of upsetting Lennox Lewis during their six round brawl before it was stopped on cuts in favor of the former Lineal Champion.

"Ha! Vitali was only ahead on the scorecards, which didn't mean much to me since I wasn't planning on letting it go twelve rounds anyway!"

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