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"Lennox Lewis: The Untold Story" scores a definitive and resounding KO

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At a time when fight fans once again look to Heavyweights like Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua to carry the torch of boxing's future, it's only natural to remember and examine the great champions of boxing's rich history. 

While iconic figures like Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano immediately come to mind, one all-time great often gets unfairly overlooked for his contributions to the "sweet science"; boxing's most recent undisputed Heavyweight champion of the world, Lennox "The Lion" Lewis.
Slated to be released this weekend on Crackle streaming media service, "Lennox Lewis: The Untold Story" succeeds in reminding sports fans just how important the "pugilist specialist" truly was and still is to the health of boxing.
Brilliantly narrated by Dr. Dre, the 96-minute documentary tells the story of the British champion's difficult plight in becoming a global icon and an all-time great.
Directed by Seth Koch and Rick Lazes, the fascinating biopic magically transports die-hard fight fans to one of the most competitive eras of heavyweight boxing, in which Lewis unexpectedly emerged as the sport's lone Heavyweight champion.
The featured film takes observers on a journey through time that begins in the impoverished East End of London, and reaches its engaging climax in Memphis, Tennessee, where Lennox knocked out the once recognized "baddest man on the planet", Iron Mike Tyson, in June of 2002.
"Everybody that I boxed was a math problem; and the math problem was for me to solve," says the 6'5" former world champion at the outset of the documentary.  
Lewis' quote accurately encapsulates his approach heading into each and every outing in the squared circle.  From his historic WBC title defense against fellow Briton Frank Bruno to his undisputed, unified victory over Evander Holyfield in November of 1999, the often misunderstood heavyweight was a genuine chess master in the ring.  
Gifted with heavy hands and an undeniable will to win, the enigmatic champion eventually placed all 41 opponents in check mate.
The Verdi Productions release triumphantly educates fans on Lewis' hard road to superstardom, which eventually leads us to a much greater appreciation for the stoic, soft-spoken heavyweight champion.
"Lennox Lewis: The Untold Story" is a "must-see" for all sports fans, and a real joy for every die-hard fan of the sweet science!
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