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Lomachenko vs. Lopez: "I'm going to knock the f***er out! I don't like his a**," claims Teofimo

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This past Saturday night at Madison Square Garden, Teofimo Lopez captured his first world championship by brutally stopping reigning IBF Lightweight title holder Richard Commey in just under two rounds.

Sitting ringside as a witness to the "star-making" effort was lineal 135 pound champion Vasyl Lomachenko.

When asked by ESPN's Bernardo Osuna whether or not he'd like to unify the 135 pound weight division with the Brooklyn born Lopez, the P4P fighter gave a seemingly smug response.

"Yes, of course...now he's a world champion. Welcome to my club," Lomachenko said to ESPN while smiling with a genuine look of amusement. "See you in April."

When asked if he was impressed with Teofimo's TKO performance, Loma gave the ESPN commentator more of the same.

"He always has power and he's a smart fighter, but...that depends on your opponent."

In a recent interview with journalist Michael Woods, the 22 year old IBF champ didn't pull any punches when asked what he thought of the consensus P4P king.

"I don't like him in general," Teofimo Lopez frankly stated on TalkBox Boxing Podcast. "I just don't like him as a person...or anything. That's just me. So there is going to be bad blood, bad tension. You know...so I think it's what fans like too."

When asked how he sees an imminent showdown with Vasyl Lomachenko playing out, the newly crowned titlist gave a definitive answer.

"I'm going to knock the f***er out," Lopez stated while laughing out loud. "I don't like his a**"

Throughout the better part of 2019, both sides have been trading verbal shots back and forth with seemingly a genuine disdain for each other.

During press week in the UK, in support of his fight with Luke Campbell, the two-time gold medalist fired his first serious "shots" when asked what he thought of Teofimo Jr. and Sr.

"He talks too much...and doesn't talk good words on my side," Vasyl stated to iFL TV in June of 2019. "He looks like a clown with his father. He's a comic with his father. I want to show him his place."

Although both men have been doing a great job promoting the inevitable confrontation with an apparent "war of words", is their mutual dislike for one another authentic, or is it for "the show"?

Teofimo answered the inquiry with a surprising amount of candor.

"I've never liked him," Lopez told "Behind the Gloves" in April. "Just the way he carries himself.  I don't know...I just had that vibe with him.  I just don't like him...that's really it."

Lopez believes that his contempt for "The Man" at 135 pounds could also be to his advantage when the two finally square off in 2020.  In a recent interview with TMZ Sports, the Brooklynite admitted that his hatred for the Ukraine native would serve him well in the ring.

"To me...I don't see him as the pound for pound best," Teo stated last week.  "A lot of fighters that he's faced, they lose before they even get in the ring.  You can win just like that, because they respect you too much. I don't respect Lomachenko."     

The unification at 135 pounds will more than likely take place on April 18th, 2020, at Madison Square Garden in New York City...whether or not this bout takes place on ESPN or ESPN PPV will be contingent on how much money it will take to get both fighters to sign on the dotted line.

Both men are champions...both fighters are special...both combatants seem to have a genuine dislike for each other, so the build-up to this intriguing contest should be fascinating.

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