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Lucas Matthysse Vs Kiram: Why Argentine deserves high praise

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Although many fans have been critical of Lucas Matthysse's 8th Round knockout over Tewa Kiram, the Argentine was impressive in several ways.

Yes, he looked sluggish and the fight wasn't a barnburner, but Lucas overcame some obstacles and secured the knockout.

He did what was expected even though he could have won by decision.

Kiram entered the bout 38-0, 28 KO and isn't the type of opponent who is easy to look good against. Yet, instead of coasting to a points win, the 35 year old Matthysse found a way to knockout a confident, unbeaten, naturally larger foe who had youth on his side.

How many times have we seen stars content to get a decision because they couldn't solve the puzzle presented by a difficult-to-stop opponent?

On Saturday night, Matthysse solved that puzzle. And in doing so, he showed heart, fire and tenacity.

Fans wanted to see a knockout and Lucas delivered, despite it being only his second fight at welterweight and the fact he's still shaking off some ring rust following a hiatus from boxing.

Given his punching power and relentlessness, Matthysse showed, even at welterweight, he's a threat until the final bell.

No matter how sluggish he looks or how far he's behind on the cards, Matthysse fights always serve-up high drama because we know he's looking for a knockout in every minute of every round.

Should we see Lucas in a similar predicament again, we'll be on the edges of our collective seats waiting to see when or if Matthysse solves the puzzle.

…. And that already makes the fight exciting, even if the ring action hasn't lived up to expectations.

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