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Luis Ortiz vs Dillian Whyte | Cuban defies manager

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Over the last several months, top heavyweight contenders Luis Ortiz and Dillian Whyte have built a little rivalry, charging each other on social media.

After Whyte insisted Ortiz was scared to fight him, the Cuban, earlier today, accepted the Brit's challenge to fight on December 1 on the Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury undercard.

“Listen here young man," Ortiz stated via BoxingScene.com on social media.

"There is a spot open on this Wilder-Fury card, so why don’t you strap your nuts on and come face me, so I can show you a good ass whooping son."

Problem: Whyte insists his challenge was for a different day at a different location.

“We can go Dec(ember) 22," Whyte tweeted at BoxingScene.com.

So, will they fight on December 1 in the U.S. or December 22 in Whyte's native UK?

“After much thought and consideration I accept your challenge. If you won’t come down to USA then I’ll step off the Wilder-Fury card and fly over to the UK and fight you in your own backyard,” Ortiz told BoxingScene.com in an interview translated from Spanish.

Surprise, surprise.

If Team White follows through on Ortiz's acceptance, the pair will fight on British soil, much to the chagrin of Ortiz's manager, Jay Jimenez.

“I don’t want the fight [in the UK],"Jimenez told BoxingScene.com.

"I told Luis no because we already offered him the fight here for the December 1st card and Whyte refused and when the WBC gave him a mandatory against us he also refused so why go on his terms and fly to the UK?"

Should Whyte vs Ortiz take place on British soil, the former would be the obvious A-side and the home fighter. As a result of his home field advantage, it's likely Whyte will get a little 'home cookin'' on the scorecards should the bout go the distance.

Given neither fighter is American and Whyte's stock isn't high enough to make demands on Ortiz, US soil would be the most logical place. So, quite naturally Ortiz's manager wants his man to face Whyte anywhere but the UK. But Whyte, and his promoter Eddie Hearn, seem dead set on having home field advantage. 

If the fight is close and in the UK, it's to Whyte's advantage and he and his team realize that. Ortiz, on the other hand, is confident he can KO Whyte or beat him silly over 10 or 12 rounds. But by relenting to Whyte, Ortiz has to be the B-side in a bout where there should be no A or B side.

"As a manager my job is to give the best advice and be there for my team but he’s a grown man and the truth is the fighter is the boss so at the end they always have the last word," Jimenez said. "So I guess we will be in UK soon."

Don't be surprised if the December 22nd showdown doesn't materialize because Dereck Chisora is in the mix to rematch Whyte that day as well. Also, I'm not convinced Hearn & Co really want Whyte to face Ortiz yet, no matter the location.

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