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Manny Pacquiao and punching power: "It's the weirdest thing," Shane Mosley insisted

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In May 2011, fight great Shane Mosley lost a wide decision to Manny Pacquiao who entered as the top pound-for-pound fighter and No. 1 welterweight in the world according to The RING Magazine.

In that bout, Shane was floored in Round 3 and, from that point forward, remained extremely tentative. Pacquiao came forward and threw but Mosley, following the knockdown, seemed to have little interest in exchanging.

Why was Mosley so reluctant to offer more effort offensively?

"He's got something in his hands where he just, pop, and you can wobble. He can hurt you," Shane confessed to FightHype's Ben Thompson months later.


It would be safe to say Chris Algieri, who was floored six times by Manny last fall, would probably agree.

On May 2, will Floyd Mayweather experience what Shane and Algieri did?

Will Manny's punches even find Floyd?

Mayweather, of course, defeated Shane Mosley via a comfortable decision a year prior to Pacquiao vs Mosley. However, in that fight, a pair of big right hands hurt the smiling ‘Money May’ and it appeared, in two instances, Floyd would taste the canvas. But, like so many greats, Mayweather would weather the storm and cruise to a lopsided twelve round decision victory.

So what else did Mosley have to say about Pacquiao's punching power?

"Pacquiao has some pretty good punching power," Shane told FightHype in Fall 2011.

"He has some different hitting power. He's not physically strong, but he hits pretty good, like he has a good snap or something."

"I get hit, even now, I get hit by bigger guys all the time and there's no dazing, I don't wobble, I don't do any of that stuff..."

With Pacquiao, he just touches you and you're already wobbling. [But] It's not like he's heavy-handed.

He's not heavy-handed..."

"It's the weirdest thing," added the former multi-division champion.

Some fighters, like Gennady Golovkin, punch so hard they can unleash pain by simply landing shots on opponents' arms and shoulders. But, according to the steel-chinned Shane, that's not the case with Manny.

According to Mosley, Pacquiao isn't an incredibly hard puncher but his shots are explosive and capable of hurting, wobbling and dizzying a foe when they land on the head.

"You feel the impact of his punches and when you feel it in your glove, the impact is not hard. You're not like, "Oh my God, he's hitting hard. This is a hard punch."

"Only when he lands on your face is when you feel like you're getting dizzy. 

"Either it's some kind of Chinese breaking bricks kind of thing, the 1-inch punch, or whatever, something like that, or it's something else. It's something different."

"It's like the weirdest thing."

Will we see 'the weirdest thing' on May 2?

At welterweight, Manny Pacquiao may not be able to put every opponent to sleep (a la Ricky Hatton) but, as we saw in the Chris Algieri fight and even in Pacquiao vs Marquez 4, when Manny is able to tee off, opponents have difficulty absorbing his punches and are usually knocked down, wobbled or, at the very least, dazed.

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