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Manny Pacquiao: Back-up plan if politics doesn't work out?

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Does Manny Pacquiao have a back-up plan should he not be immediately elected to the senate?


At the final Pacquiao vs Bradley 3 press conference yesterday, Manny gave some insight into a possible fall-back option.

When asked about the future of the Filipino boxing scene in his absense, Manny replied:

".... There's a lot of good boxers in the Philippines. I'm looking to bring them here to the States because they are ready to fight here to show their skills..."

"I've started promoting in the Philippines every month right now. I have a lot of boxers  [Really] good."

While smiling and glancing over at trainer Freddie Roach, Pacquiao added," And Freddie saw my fighters and he liked [them]."

"They're good. They're good." 

Earlier this week, FightSaga suggested Manny would be back in the ring within 1-2 years and we are staying firm on that. However, Pacquiao's seemingly serious dive into boxing promotion certainly adds some wrinkles.

Can Manny be successful as a promoter?

Given rival Floyd Mayweather is also involved in promoting, perhaps the Mayweather vs Pacquiao rivalry will continue through their respective fighters?

Video via EsNews is below..

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