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Manny Pacquiao "Ducked" by Floyd Mayweather, Says 50 Cent

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Legendary rapper Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, recently discussed his now defunct relationship with all-time great Floyd Mayweather. Last summer, the pair, close friends at the time, joined forces to establish the short-lived TMT (The Money Team) Promotions and were off to a fabulous start having acquired several big names such as phenom and two division world champion Yuriorkis Gamboa (21-0, 16 KO), former super middleweight titleholder Andre Dirrell (20-1, 14 KO) and IBF Featherweight Champion Billy Dib (35-1, 21 KO).

There were also rumors that 50 Cent and TMT Promotions would promote Floyd Mayweather's next bout as well as the biggest fight in history - Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao.

But something happened during or after Floyd's two month incarceration and Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent parted ways. They were seemingly neither friends nor business partners anymore.

And to further inflame the situation, 50 Cent reached out to Manny Pacquiao in September looking to align with PacMan in his highly-publicized fight promotion venture.

Fiddy, who insisted he and Floyd were still friends yesterday, described their relationship as "fuzzy" and said he tried to bring Pacquiao vs Mayweather to fruition when the two, Fiddy and 'Money May,' were on better terms.

And then, at 3:40 of the video below the ESPN corresspondent asks the big question: Did Floyd duck Manny Pacquaio?

"Yes," says 50 Cent in response.

He went on to say, "That's $100 Million and you (Floyd Mayweather) just left it."

mayweather vs pacquiao

"[Floyd Mayweather] concentrates on how much someone else is getting paid as opposed to actually how much he's getting paid."

According to 50 Cent, Floyd is so blinded by his own greatness he fails to realize there are other great fighters worthy of enormous salaries as well.

So perhaps "ducking" is a poor choice of words. In boxing, fighters duck opponents when they are scared.  In Floyd's case, according to 50 Cent, its simply a matter of Mayweather's pride and bottomless ego.

Truth be bold, Floyd probably thinks a 70-30 (or even 80-20) split with Manny Pacquiao is justifiable because he sincerely believes he's the greater attraction and is that much better as a fighter.

Floyd Mayweather is so used to getting a lion's share of the purse when he fights, perhaps he sees a 50-50 purse split as a great injustice to him - Even if that split would net him unfathomable sums.

Mayweather's ego is so big, it's safe to say he'd prefer to earn $40 Million USD while getting 90% of the purse instead of receiving $90 Million USD at a 50-50 purse split.

"He's [Floyd Mayweather] not afraid of Pacquiao or any fighter," said 50 Cent.

According to Fiddy, Mayweather's approach to the sport is very business-like and, obviously, a bit arrogant. He has no problem fighting the toughest opponents as long it makes sense financially and his opponent is earning considerably less. 

Floyd Mayweather, in 2007, was part of the highest-grossing fight in boxing history to date when he faced the sport's biggest star, Oscar De La Hoya. The Golden Boy earned roughly $50 Million USD while Mayweather only raked in about half that amount. But at the time, De La Hoya was unquestionably the 'Prince of Boxing' and Mayweather had no choice but to give in.

De La Hoya vs. Mayweather: The World Awaits was a super welterweight superfight which took place on May 5, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada between six-division world champion Oscar De La Hoya (38-4, 30 KO) and undefeated four-division champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. (37-0, 24 KO).

At the time, the match was the most lucrative boxing match ever, with over $120 million in generated revenue.Mayweather Jr. won by split decision over De La Hoya in 12 rounds.

de la hoya vs mayweather

Today, Floyd Mayweather believes he's boxing's crowned prince and that no other fighter comes close. In Floyd's mind, De La Hoya earned twice as much as he did when they fought in 2007 so he should earn a lot more than Pacquiao or any other fighter today.

When asked who he would have picked had Mayweather faced Pacquiao two years ago, 50 Cent sided with Floyd.

'ESPN 2 Friday Night Fights' (in the U.S.) will feature a fight card co-promoted by legendary rap star 50 Cent and famed boxing promoter Lou DiBella. In the main event, IBF featherweight title-holder and 50 Cent-promoted Billy Dib will face Evgeny Gradovich (15-0, 8 KO's).

The telecast, which will take place at Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Connecticut, will also feature a surging jr middleweight Willie Nelson (19-1-1, 11 KO's) and Michael Medina (26-3-2, 19 KO's).
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