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Manny Pacquiao: Arum hints money problems may prompt return

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Have we seen the last of the great Manny Pacquiao in the ring?

Following his impressive performance against Tim Bradley Saturday, PacMan, who looked sharp and fast during the bout, insisted he was finished with boxing.

When asked about his future immediately after the bout, Pacquiao stated:

“... I’ve made a commitment to my family that I’m going to retire after this."

“Maybe I enjoy being a retired man, serving the people, helping the people,” added, before giving a farewell message to his fans. “Thank you to all the fans in boxing, especially the Filipino people. I’ve really appreciated all your help and support.”

Not very convincing. He seems like a fighter who is retiring because he's keeping a promise instead of a 37 year old athlete who truly wants to move on.

Promoter Bob Arum thinks Manny will return to boxing but not necessarily because the latter will miss the limelight and fistic challenges.

"He's running for office, and if he wins, which he will, there will be tremendous responsibilities that go with it," Arum told BoxingScene yesterday. 

"However, a big payday is something he might require in the near future."

"He doesn't have money problems now, but of course he's going to have money problems if he's going to be building hospitals out of his own pocket instead of letting the [Philippines] government build the hospitals."

"People care about this kid. And Manny politely listens to everybody and then does what he wants. He has no advice that he will accept."

Will Manny over-extend himself financially?

As boxing legend Mike Tyson can quite easily attest, Money has a strange way of disappearing when very quickly you're rich. (Actually, one doesn't have to be wealthy to experience that)

Pacquiao admirably tries to help everyone but one man, even a very wealthy one, cannot solve the world's problems with his money.

Last taer, fight superstar Sugar Ray Leonard suggested Manny must have the discipline to say "no" sometimes and hinted it would not be easy to do.

"Pacquiao tries to help everyone just like me," Leonard told BoxingScene last year. "He goes out of his way to help everyone but you can't help the world."

"Sometimes you have to say no. It was difficult for me to say no at first, I gave away many millions of dollars."

"When you become world champion you make an impact inside the ring, but you make a bigger impact out."

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