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Manny Pacquiao: Roach says Terence Crawford might be next

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Ring legend Manny Pacquiao will attempt to win his tenth overall world title on November 5, as he challenges the very confident incumbent champion, Jessie Vargas, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

When the event was officially announced several weeks ago, many observers were critical on the Pacman's selection of the 27 year old titlist as his return opponent and preferred to see an elite level match-up against unbeaten Terence Crawford.

Pacquiao's Hall of Fame fight trainer cleared the air as to why his superstar puncher chose the upstart Vegas resident over the popular Omaha technician.

"The fight with Crawford didn't happen, mostly because I wanted to see how this training camp goes," Freddie Roach recently stated to FightHub TV.

"If it's a good training camp and everything goes well...if being a Senator works with his boxing, we'll be okay."

"I just have to make sure that this is going to work first. If this doesn't work, then we're going to have to make some adjustments and change things a little bit."

"But if it does work, then we can fight anybody."

Although the Philippines Senator has been a member of Congress since May of 2010, his role in the Senate is substantially more demanding, requiring active and consistent participation throughout the entire year. Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum specifically revealed Pacquiao's busy schedule at a recent press conference in Los Angeles.

"Manny doesn't miss a session of the Senate," Arum stated to FightHub TV. "Fortunately they only meet three days a week, Monday through Wednesday. He runs in the morning, and goes to the Senate after that until the afternoon. Afterwards he goes to the gym, which is a mile away from the Senate building, to train. Then he finally goes home and eats dinner. He goes to sleep and it starts again."

"Luckily it's only three days a week, so the other days he can train normally. It would be impossible to do both well if it were more than just three days."

With the required focus it takes to accomplish his duties in the Senate, both Arum and Roach are concerned that Manny Pacquiao may be taking on too much...even for the Pacman.

When Vargas was initially chosen over Crawford, critics assumed that Manny Pacquiao was taking the path of least resistance because he wanted no part of the best Super Lightweight in the world, classifying the assignment as a mere "money grab".

The renowned seven time trainer of the year professes that the claim couldn't be any further from the truth, and a potential match-up with TC is on the horizon if all goes well on November 5.

"If he has a great training camp and prepares for the fight like I think he will...like I know he will, we'll fight Terence Crawford after this."

According to Roach, Team Pacquiao's master plan includes a Mayweather rematch. The veteran trainer believes a fight with Crawford would be an excellent test before squaring up against the pound for pound best once again.

"We want to stay busy until Mayweather comes to his senses and gives us a rematch. That's the plan."

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