Manny Pacquiao: The November dilemma

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Although there are still 136 days until Pacquiao’s next scheduled ring appearance, Manny’s promoter, Top Rank, Inc., continues to mull over potential opponents for the Filipino Congressman with no clear front runner. Last week on “The Pugilist KOrner” radio show, Hall of Fame matchmaker Bruce Trampler spoke candidly about the “November 22nd quandary”.

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“There are a lot of good things to be said about Juan Manuel Marquez, and there’s a lot to be said about Chris Algieri, who’s coming off of that great win over Provodnikov,” expounds the Top Rank executive. “But it takes two to make a match.”

Michael Koncz nor Freddie Roach really wants Manny to fight Chris Algieri. He’s a tall guy who moves really well and has a busy jab. Freddie, who was in the corner with Ruslan Provodnikov, doesn’t like the fight between Chris and Manny.

“Marquez, the last time he fought Manny, knocked out Pacquiao. So JMM said, ‘Pay me Manny’s money, and pay Manny my money.’ So we have a conflict there as well.”

With Bob Arum and Oscar De La Hoya burying the proverbial promotional hatchet, many ringside observers and fight fans alike are pointing to a potential pairing with one of Golden Boy Promotions’ many Welterweight contenders for the November 22nd date in Macau, China.

Bruce identifies a clear problem with that scenario.

Freddie Roach’s first choice for Manny was a fight with Danny Garcia, claims the four decade matchmaker.

“So we floated that idea out to Garcia’s people. Obviously he’s represented by Al Haymon, and Al has his own agenda for what he wants to do with his fighters. "

"We also floated the same idea to Marcos Maidana’s people as well, but he’s more than likely going to be facing Floyd Mayweather in September…so that takes Maidana out of the mix for Manny Pacquiao as well.”

“Although a fight with Lucas Matthysse is a very intriguing style match-up with Manny, it doesn’t quite have the ‘sizzle’ that the other potential Golden Boy pairings possess as far as marketability.”

With no clear front runner in the November 22nd sweepstakes, no one is certain who Manny Pacquiao will be facing in Macau, China.

But time is on the side of promoter Top Rank, Inc.

“Bob Arum has the patience of a saint,” insists Bruce Trampler. “Even though he’s very volatile and explosive, he understands that it takes time to go through all of the different deal points. And if Bob were actually part of this conversation, he would say, ‘who would you like to see Manny fight?’ He‘s that kind of a guy.”

If any fight fan would like to express their respective opinion about who they would like to see Manny face on November 22nd, feel free make any suggestions via Twitter @trboxing.

Who knows; a fight fan could ultimately make a perfect match for Manny Pacquiao in Macau, China!!
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