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Manny Pacquiao: Paulie Malignaggi considers Pac-Man injury claim preposterous

Joseph Herron Updated
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“What a tangled web we weave” - Sir Walter Scott, 1513

Who would have thought the mere mention of a rotator cuff injury suffered before Manny Pacquiao’s historic bout with Floyd Mayweather would have caused such a stir?

Upon losing the highly anticipated super fight on May 2, Pacquiao and company believed disclosing a pre-fight injury during the post fight press conference to be a good idea in softening the blow of dropping a unanimous decision to their longtime public nemesis.

What a horrid miscalculation that decision turned out to be.

As a direct result of that lone blunder, several lawsuits, which cite an intent to defraud the consumer, have been filed in several different states by numerous plaintiffs.

And despite testimonials by numerous physicians verifying the injury and subsequent reparative surgery to Pacquiao’s right shoulder, Showtime expert analyst Paulie Malignaggi honestly believes the post-fight excuses offered by Team Pacquiao and Top Rank, Inc. are just excuses and no genuine injury ever existed pre or post fight.

“Any real athlete that’s been in this business knows he’s (Pacquiao) full of sh!t…it’s that simple,” claims the 34 year old prizefighter and CBS commentator.

And while the former two-division has admittedly been an extremely harsh critic of the Pacman over the last several years, the “Magic Man” gives reasons for his personal assessment of this specific scenario.

“I was recently talking to a former NBA player of fifteen years, and he was telling me that he had just a partial tear in his rotator cuff and he couldn’t lift his shoulder at all. He also said he was out for a very long period of time as a result.”

“Pacquiao is supposedly suffering from a severe tear, not just a partial tear, a severe tear…it just shows how full of sh!t his excuse was. I don’t care what doctor said he had what surgery, they can do all kinds of PR…there is no way Pacquiao had any sort of tear the way he was throwing those punches and missing without the slightest bit of hesitation.”

“The only thing he was hesitating on was his distance and his range. Once Pacquiao would get into punching range, he didn’t think twice about letting his hands go. And he was missing most of those shots, which causes more pain and discomfort.”

“In the end, Pacquiao’s relatively low punch output was due to Mayweather controlling range, not his shoulder…that’s what really limited it. He was completely healthy during the fight, and there was never any mention of an injury in his corner during the fight.”

The 34 year of prizefighter truly believes Manny and his team are fabricating the shoulder injury as a response to the decisive loss to Mayweather.

“It’s just an excuse,” insists the former WBA Welterweight title holder. “And for me it’s disgusting."

"You’re bringing even more negative attention to what was already considered to be a dud of a fight. It just brings a lot of negativity on what should have been a great night for the sport of boxing.”

“Just go home, go back to the Philippines, go hang out with your family, you made a big check…that’s it. Leave it alone. For once in your life, stop being such a narcissistic pr*ck, take the loss like a man, regroup and rebound.”

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