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Pacquiao vs Bradley 3: Manny likely to fight again

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A big selling point on this weekend's PPV trilogy matchup between Manny Pacquiao and Timonthy Bradley is that it will be Pacquiao's last fight.

Pacquiao, now 37, has accomplished just about all there is to do in the sport of boxing.

He's an 8-division world champion, one of the highest-earning athletes of all-time, and has fought just about everyone there is to fight now that he has finally fought (and lost too) Floyd Mayweather last spring.

In addition to all of his accolades and achievements, he also has a budding political career. He plans to run for Senate in the Philippines and already actively sits as a congressman representing the district of Sarangani.

His political views are also starting to cloud his boxing career as Pacquiao's recent comments regarding gays and gay marriage have gotten him into hot water.So, with nothing left to prove in Boxing, the upcoming election in the Philippines, as well as other various projects including owning a Professional Basketball team (as well as playing in the league,) so why is it unlikely this is his last fight?

Well, there are a few reasons why Pacquiao will likely continue to fight.

First off, Pacquiao has been incredibly vague and mum about questions regarding if he'll continue to fight. He has yet to commit to retirement after initially stating he'd reire from boxing after the Bradley fight. That can be construed that he'll continue to fight, or at least that he hasn't made a firm decision.

In addition, there has been almost zero promotion for this fight. If this was Pacquiao's last fight, there'd likely be a lot more buzz, right?

Manny did not even make his traditional guest spot on the Jimmy Kimmel show. And HBO did not do a 24/7, but that may have more to do with their current budget constraints. Manny and HBO have worked together for nearly 10 years and have had some of the most successful PPV's and programming in the networks history. One would at least suspect that HBO would be doing more if they knew for fact this would be the last Pacquiao fight.

Also, with Mayweather gone, Pacquiao is still the #1 Welterweight.

As long as he's on top, and can manage both his fight career and political endeavors, the better question is: Why stop fighting?

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