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Manny Pacquiao vs Horn 2: 5 reasons rematch happens

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Here we go, fight fans.

Although it's not yet official, fight legend Manny Pacquiao will face rival and newly-crowned WBO welterweight champion Jeff Horn in a rematch before year's end.


  1. Controversy, drama, intrigue and bad blood - Translated that means, 'we have a revenue-generating sizzler.'

  2. Rematch clause - It is apparently written in the contract that Horn would have to give Manny an immediate rematch in the event he orchestrated the upset. And yes, Manny is interested.

  3. Horn's status - Horn is star in Australia, now and 'must see TV.' He's also caught the attention of American casual fight fans who had no interest in the first fight because they thought it was a mis-match.

  4. Ratings/Interest - The above reasons are not enough to create public demand for a big fight. After all, Ward vs Kovalev boasted those elements yet both fights flopped at the box office.

    However, the impressive ratings for Pacquiao vs Horn show there will be widespread interest in the rematch. In addition, ESPN would have months to promote rematch, not just 10 days as was the case for this fight. In fact, based on last week's ratings, a Pacquiao vs Horn rematch could double the American audience the first fight generated.

  5. Big money – It’s what all the above point to.

“He can make a lot of money (fighting Horn in a rematch),” Arum told the Manila Bulletin. “It’s all up to him and in two weeks I will be coming over (to the Philippines) and discuss with him and his wife Jinkee."

This happens sometimes in boxing....

A controversial and/or surprise ending to a fight will sometimes produce and a rematch that's even bigger.

Dempsey vs Tunney, Tyson vs Ruddock, Tyson vs Holyfield, Froch vs Groves, Ali vs Liston, Pacquiao vs Marquez, Holyfield vs Lewis, Marquez vs Vazquez, Morales vs Barrera and Ward vs Gatti to name a few.

Moreover, and as it relates to Pacquiao vs Horn 2, Jeff has piqued the interest of a lot of people and the fight might have historic implications because many will want to see what may be a legend's last hurrah.

The lure of a big payday and redemption will undoubtedly bring PacMan back for the rematch.

Pacquiao vs Horn 2 | Rematch News
Date: November or December
Venue: TBD
Location: Brisbane or Melbourne, Australia

Braodcast: ESPN

Division: Welterweight
Title: WBO
Champion: Jeff Horn

The bad news for Pacquiao
Due to contractual specifics, Pacquiao vs Horn 2 will likely happen in Brisbane or Melbourne, not Las Vegas or the Philippines. Of course, Team Pacquiao is concerned about Jeff getting the benefits of 'home cooking’ as it relates to the scorecards.

... But given the controversy of the first fight, rest-assured the judge selection process will be scrutinized a lot more for the rematch.

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